Luck of the diva

Here are some nice stores I have found lately.

Lolapop (SLurl) with lucky boards, MM-board, gacha, riotvends and hunts downstairs, bargains and group items upstairs.
Arsenic lace (SLurl): Lucky board, MM-board, freebies, bargains.
Tasha designs (SLurl), a store with MM-board, freebies, dollarbies, bargains.
D3 (SLurl) has lucky boards and gifts.
Mika (SLurl) has lucky boards and a camping chair.
Popular quality shoe store Baby Monkey (SLurl) has lucky games, gifts, freebies, MM-boards etc.
Milf (SLurl) has a new look and a MM-board. 5l gifties.
Wondrous strange (SLurl) has three buildings with beautiful clothes, furniture, and 100l specials.
A.D.D.Andel (SLurl) has lucky chairs, freebies and hunts.

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