Sirens call

It's not really an outfit post, more like an avatar one, but the details are:

DeepSea Siren (Female Gold) from Grendel's Children (SLurl)
(I heard that the Deep sea siren is awaiting for some updates and not available right now. Sorry about that).
Fish rezzer 4.0, a freebie by Ferd Federix, who runs Free LSL script library and works on Phaze Demesnes (Website)
Background: Peeps Texture Pack by Peeps fashion (SLurl)  from the Nautical hunt (SLurl)
Since I felt like doing an avatar post, why now show you my favorite creature avatar store as well?

Grendel's Children is an amazing place. It's a huge building full of all kinds of animal and creature avi's and related items. If you are looking for an exotic creature on SL, you are most likely to find it here. Been meaning to post about them for ages.

Scary animals and one brave blogger hiding on top of a light source. Are they scared of light? I hope! Oh eek, the lamps is a scorpion!

I love hyenas and these avi's are just 5 lindens! Do you see any resemblance? Well you might see me running around as one of the pack soon!

Oo crocodiles are awesome!

It would be fun to fly around as a bird, I think. The box I am sitting on in the picture has bird accessories for only 25 lindens btw. The store is full of cheapies and freebies, just look around.

Platypi!! Woohoo! Look! They are free! So are the beaver and rat avi's! And the porcupine and baboon next to it are just 75l.

Rideable ducks and swans look cute.

Playing "I'm just one of the statues" might not work looking like this. Need to try as a scarier creature.



When I heard of mammuths as a kid, I immediately decided they were my favorite animals. Too bad they aren't with us anymore. But they can be on SL.

Avarian Cliff Gryphons by Psyra Extraordinaire and Flea Bussy look cool.

Of course you have to have dragons! And there are free ones too! Click the symbols for free dragons. The boxes have some freebies as well.

Tech.. so robots, androids, mechas.. ok whole another level of cool ;)

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