Auction Date to fund a Virtual Relationship Book

 I got this message from a friend and promised to pass it on. Fun event coming up! Tell your friends! :)


We are having a fund raiser activity for the Kicstarter Publishing Project for the "Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" at the 'O' Lounge sim


So we are looking for the most desired lasses & lads for the auction. A virtual relationships Auction Date to fund a Virtual Relationship Book!

If you are that desired commodity and can come up with a lovely idea and speill to say in voice on the stage what you would do if they buy the date with you...  The winning bid will be split  1/2 going to the project and 1/2 going to the giver of the date. So if you sell for $5000 lindens you will get $2500 lindens and the project will get the same. You then can follow thru on such promises as...

"IF you win me for our date I will buy you a scuba divers outfit then you and I will go out and I will teach you to scuba dive at the costa rica sim." or "If you buy me I will take you shopping for a new outfit and then we will go dancing."

If you would like to be auctioned off at this halirious event, please send a notecard with pic and what YOU would offer for the date.

You will be notified of your selection within 3 days.

Woot.. We are going to have so much fun. Yossel and I most likely will fight constantly trying to take bids and raise the price... so save up.

Send notecard to Pamala Clift.

The tentative day is noon SLT Jan 28th Sat.for the auction!!

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