Lady of the castle

This is the Universal love gown by Paris Metro. I took the images by a romantic camp fire but the gown would look perfect in a formal occasion as well. The way the fabric seems to emit little spots of fire makes me think of the lady of a castle joining the autumn festival.

Outfit details:

Gown: Paris Metro (SLurl) Universal Love (thank you Kalli!)
Skin: Howear (SLurl) Summer skin Exotic #3
Eyes: Amato (SLurl) Tropical fruit, freebie
Hair: Amato: Buccia, freebie


Fireside retreat for Moody Mondays (55l today) display at Zoe's Garden (SLurl)

Brown gown

This gown looks gorgeous on you when you move. The fabric is just amazing and the lace so realistic.

Outfit details:

Gown: Paris Metro (SLurl) Feast, Chocolate (thank you Kalli!)
Hair: Avatare (SLurl) Nur (60lw gallery)
Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Cinnamon, Glow, freebie (closing sale)
Eyes: Amato (SLurl) Hatsuhi, assorted free eyes, freebie


I love this location! It has a lot to see. Just walk around and get to know the place. The dragons are beautiful and I really loved the cave with riddles.
The Isle of Wyrms (SLurl) is home to dragons, dragon friends, and admirers created by Daryth Kennedy.
The Isle of Wyrms Message Forum (Website)
The Isle of Wyrms Wiki (Website)


La Vie en Ville

Montagne Noire Clothiers (SLurl) has a gorgeous gown, called La Vie en Ville, amethyst, for the 60l weekends (60lw gallery). The same design in black is as their group gift. Juin, the ivory bridal ball gown, is only 100l, as is Aout, the summer ball gown in citrine. They both have 10l shoes available. Dans Le Rose, right, is a Breast Cancer Awareness Ball Gown, limited edition, also for just 100l. I have loved this store for a while now and recommend their quality items for anyone interested in historical fashion. (They have items for men too, and a furnishing store across the street).



I thought you might be interested in these two blog posts about mesh:

Meshes: a Revolution? a post by Tana

Jane releases mesh clothing! a post by Sylvia Olivier.

Both have images of mesh clothing.


Purple wedding

I am not planning to get married, but I love gowns, so I had to get all three colors of Vows II (purple, silver, red). They are on the 25l wall at Howear (SLurl) today. (Black strap not part of the gloves of this gown.)

Outfit details:

Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Mess, Lavender, 50lF
Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Ease, Mint, freebie (closing sale)
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom (Marketplace) Asami, Watermelon, dollarbie


Cliff over troubled waters

Outfit details:

Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Tofa 4, freebie (closing sale)
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Ultimate Perdita Celadon
Jacket: Butterfly Effect (SLurl) Rainy Days, Gray
Skirt: Pavement Princess (SLurl) Shiela, sea foam
Eyes: Hoot (SLurl) Biosynthe Eyes, Waterfall, Group Gift
Hair: Fri. (SLurl) Lavender, Warm Black, 50lF
Top: Timmy (SLurl) Black semi Trans, freebie

Location: Twomoons Island (SLurl)


You can change your life

Found a new club I'm trying out. It has some nice small satellite stores of some of my favorite designers too, so yay. AM/FM  lyrical gangstas (SLurl)

Outfit details:

Top: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) Migration Cardigan, 50lFridays
Hair: Elikatira (SLurl) Show Essentials Collection, White, 50lF
Makeup: Lfauna (SLurl) 2.0 lipstick, red2, 50lF
Eyes: Lfauna: Charm eyes, gray1, 50lF
Accessory: Willow (SLurl) Turquoise and leather cuff, 50lF
Pants: Amato (SLurl)  Kumato jeans 1, freebie
Shoes: In her shoes (SLurl) Bows bows brown suede
Skin: Kastle Rock Couture (SLurl) Vixen, Peach 11


Daring design

Aqua was one of my favorite stores, with a large selection of beautiful clothes, but sadly it closed down a while back. Now  the designer is back with a smaller store, and sent her subscribers a re-introductory gift to celebrate. Visit Aqua (SLurl), located next to Heartsick.

Outfit details:

Dress: Aqua: Daring Deidra, Wisteria, gift
Skin: Howear (SLurl) Summer skin Latina #3, 25l this weekend
Shoes: Duce (Howear): Miss Bitch bubblegum
Eyes: Amato (SLurl) Vivid blue, assorted free eyes, freebie
Hair: Simply Britnee (SLurl) Madrid 2-/Red/Blue, dollarbie
Earrings: Hatpins (SLurl) Victorian Mourning, Jet Dangly

Sun on my face

Summer skins 25l, this weekend at HoWear! (SLurl)


Kitty in pink

Went to In2It (SLurl) for a neko theme, to see DJ Jax and his lovely hostess SJ.

Outfit details:

Eyes: Amato (SLurl) Water lily, freebie
Skin: Plastik (SLurl) Naryia Tribal blood beta, Summer, 50l Fridays
Shoes: Miel (Slurl) Varsity kicks, bright, 50l Fridays
Hair: Lamb (SLurl) My Little Pony, 50l Fridays
Dress: Cherry Bomb (SLurl) Hot Pink
Neko tail and ears: Rag dolls (SLurl)


Graffiti cowgirl

Howear's (SLurl) special outfit for today, Graffiti girl, is free! Duce's hat and boots set, Guarachero, is 25l. Get yours! :)


Denim Vixen

Outfit details:

Pants: PurpleMoon Creations (SLurl) Jazmin Capri Jeans (1/2) (60lw)
Skin: Kastle Rock Couture (SLurl) Vixen, Peach 11 (60lw)
Hat/hair: Clawtooth (SLurl) Knitted Up, Wheat (50lF)
Top: Baiastice (SLurl) Knot clean shirt
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl)  Ultimate Aalaya Black & Red
Eyes: Lithium Creation (Marketplace) Husky Dream
Accessory: MJ + Dada (SLurl) Navel Piercing, Gecko


Practically pink

Since I want to post about what I do in SL and not just fashion, here are more pictures from Amarantha, lol. Yeah I go there quite often. ;) Featured in the post are: SJ, DJ Jax, Brandyn, Kulara (host), Shella, Kali, Ra, LR, Fa, Tricia, Krelo and Flicka. The theme was "Practically pink", as you might have been able to tell from.. well.. all the pink, lol. Even my eyes are pink. :)


A happy day for me

My awesome friends had a rezday party for me at Amarantha (SLurl). I was not rezzing too well that day, so the pics are blurry. But I had so many of my loved ones around me, so it was a happy day for me. So many thank you's to Badger, Shella, Kali, Ra, Eagle, Meli, Scarletta, Vi, Lou and Kulara. Thanks for the awesome tunes Badger and the decorations Shella sis and Vi. Thanks for my rezday dances Kali and Ra.

Out of this World

Pipins 'Out of this World' Avant Garde Show 23/07/2011

One of the models in this video is my friend Elisabet Lilliehook, whose work I am constantly amazed by. She pays so much attention to details, is so passionate about learning more and has a gorgeous sense of style.

Elisabet was also featured in a movie called The Cat is back.

Rezday party people

We had a belated rezday party for me and Sylvan. Thank you for coming Flicka, Elisabet, Sylvan, Bree and Pinky. Also thanks to Star, whose rezday it also was recently and to Buttercup, LR, Smokie and Teena for joining us yesterday while we went clubbing.