China blue

Outfit details:

Dress: Paris Metro (SLurl) Entwined Gown, Blueberry (Thanks Kalli!)
Hair: Red Mint (SLurl) Hair 14, group gift, until Monday 3rd
Skin: Sys Design (SLurl) Touch of Sensuality (discount 70l)
Shoes: Bootgasm (SLurl) Lost, Purple, C for Carnival hunt (ends after today)
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Blue starry eyes

Location: Great wall of China (SLurl)

Mad poses

Olive Juice (SLurl), really cool pose kits for 50l Fridays (today!)

Closing time at This is Fawn

This is a Fawn (SLurl) is closing. Here is the info:

Cyber sleek

Here is a really cool store I just found. The decor is very cyber chic, sleek and detailed. I found a cool discount room with cheap skins (70l), cheap clothes (from about 40l to 90l) and the freebies you see in the image.
Sys Design (SLurl)


Oh I love Autumn in SL

Outfit details:

Earrings: Addiction (SLurl) Delightful Dangle, dollarbie
Hair: Simply Britnee (SLurl) Chile, Chocolate, dollarbie
Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Cinnamon, Pink, freebie (closing sale)
Dress: The Vinyl Cafe (SLurl) Marilyn Dress Green
Shoes: In Her Shoes (SLurl) Bows Bows Distressed Green, free

Prop and Background:
Bench: Zoe’s Garden (SLurl) (Website) Autumn Bench. Moody Mondays (Thanks Adele!)
In the background you can see the campsite I posted about before.


Copy not

Here is an important lesson about why copybotting really sucks. It is insane how people use someone else's creative work like this. And honestly, SL should do more about it.

Lacking imagination is no excuse, it is not creating if you steal.

The Stolen Village – and other copyright infringement problems
September 13, 2011 by primperfect


Paint it black

Amazing art is showcased on SL all the time. One place with great examples from several talented artists is Gallery shop, click on paintings and other works to see if you get their info card about individual exhibitions. There are some cool things for sale too. I got all snaphappy in the gorgeous surroundings.

Outfit details:

Earrings: Addiction Jewellery (SLurl) Big Silver Hoop Earrings, dollarbie
Dress: Brandy's Boutique (SLurl) Fern
Hair: Loq hair (Website) Aysha for TDRB (SLurl)
Skin: Glam Affair (SLurl) Amelie Natural, Breeze for TDRB (SLurl)
Nail polish: Ibizarre (SLurl) Nail polish, glitter orange (old fatpack)

Location: The Gallery Gift Shop (SLurl)



I have posted about Zoe's garden (SLurl) before. I just love the place so much, I had to show you some new pictures. All the flowers and fountains and trees and so on, amazing creations. And prized very reasonably.
I went back for Moody mondays, the Hummingbird fountain is gorgeous! And I managed to get through the Twisted maze. Can you find the four extra gifts as well as the Twisted hunt item? It took me a while but finally I found them.


Come in my cave

Howear (SLurl) Satu skin, tan, 2
Yay 25l skins again at Howear!

Outfit details:

Top: Bad Ampitude (Website) Muse (was 25l at the live gig at In2it SLurl)
Hair and eyes posted here
Shoes: Bootgasm (SLurl) Soho Boots, half calf collection (old 60lwe)
Pants: Indie Rose (SLurl) Denim jeans brown (old release)


If you ever see Sally smiling

Skin: Gothica (SLurl) Vampy Lisa, 50l/fatpack
Top: Pestle&Twig (SLurl) Purple Tiny Tube Top, SNF
Skirt & fishnets: Sakide (SLurl) Pearly Skirt Belt Purple, gift
Hair: Avatare (SLurl) Envy, black, 60lweekends
Shoes: In Her Shoes (SLurl) Circus Lolita, purple, freebie
Eyes: Amato (SLurl) Early Summer, dollarbie


Freddie for a day!

We had an event in Club Medusa (SLurl) with the theme of dressing up as Freddie Mercury. Thanks to dj Eagle Wilder and hostess Shella, all tips from the event went to charity.

Freddie For A Day is a fundraising campaign for the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the charity set up in Freddie Mercury’s name in 1992. It’s fun, it’s slightly crazy AND it raises money to help the charity fight HIV/AIDS worldwide.

And it's today! So do something fun in the name of our beloved singer and donate to the charity. :)

10000 visitors! Free gift!

Thank you so much everyone for visiting my blog! We are past 10000 blog visitors and I wanted to give you a little something as a way of thanking you. So please go to my Marketplace and buy these free gift eyes for 0 lindens. Enjoy!

The eyes are not for reselling but anyone can get them from the Marketplace. If you want, you are most welcome to use them for your blog, just link back to this post, thanks. :)

I made these myself, they are my first ever set. ;)


So I can see you better

Outfit details:

Top: Crazy (SLurl) Velvet (10l)
Pants: Zaara (SLurl) Mala, freebie
Jewellery: Zaara: Golden Indian bangles, freebie
Hair: Loq hair (Website) Aysha for TDRB (SLurl)
Skin: Mons (SLurl) Alessa for TDRB
Goggles: Berries Inc. (SLurl) Silly goggles
Eyes: Howear (SLurl) HH, freebie
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) ZsaZsa Wedges, gold poppies (thanks Pixieplumb!)
Location: Zaara

Happily lost

Outfit details:

Skin: Mango Chic (SLurl) (Website) Felicia, group gift
Jewellery: Mood (SLurl) Lost, chunky bangles and earrings, Moody Mondays
Dress: Vanitas Vesture (SLurl) Jujune, tunic and skirt, charcoal, MM
Shoes: Duce / HoWear (SLurl) Miss Bitch bubblegum
Hair: Amato (SLurl) Candice, black, freebie

Calas Galadhon (SLurl) gorgeous garden sims