Howear  (SLurl) has a big sale during the owner's trip. There are a lot of outfits normally prized between 250l and 550l now for only 100l. Look for the sale ones among the regular ones by hovering your mouse over them. More items upstairs.

Blog on hiatus until August, no regular posting schedule until then.


Blog on hiatus until August.

Alana Pyara in Second life, the blog, will be taking a break.

Will post a little, but most likely be too busy to do it regularly.

I have a big project on the works and my creative work is demanding time.

Thank you for all your friendship and support.

Feel free to keep sending blog review items, but please note that I can not follow a schedule with them, and might not be able to blog them.

All the best, and see you more regularly in the autumn.


Like From Anonther World

Outfit details:

Shoes: House of Fox (SLurl) Acapella Pumps, Metallic
Dress: Jane (SLurl) Grace, Khaki, Subo Gift and News
Skin: Atomic (SLurl) Grace, DB, Buff, Irish Green
Earrings and Necklace: Jewellery Exchange (SLurl) Ivanna, Silver/Onyx, March at Brandy's Attic (Thanks Belinda!)
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Paige, Cranberry, TDR blue
Eyes: Poetic Colors (SLurl) Moon, Autumn, m, bright, freebie
Pose: Label Motion (SLurl) Poses & hat pack, #1, new location!, Group Gift

How about some inspiring art? I recommend you take a look at Bryn Oh's "Annas Many Murders" on Originalia (SLurl)


Alana sends Fanmail

Ok, so you know I have been a huge fan of Howear (SLurl) and Duce (SLurl) for ages now. Well today I have great news for you. Duce is now doing mens shoes as well! And today there is a cool set on the 25l promo wall at Howear.

This is what Saint, the owner and designer of Duce said in the notice:
"Today on the L$25 wall at Ho Wear, DUCE has a his and hers boots Over Lord for the MEN and Over lord Goddess for the ladys. Heidi has an outfit in 5 colors called "Lexy" HAVE A GREAT DAY".

Well great day indeed.
I was staring at Heidi's outfits and Saints boots and going "man they make all their hard work look effortless, and do such a damn good job, constantly".

Congrats Saint!



Outfit details:

Skin: YS&YS (SLurl) Alice, cool, TDR
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Jules, Maple, TDR Blue
Shoes: Duce (SLurl) Speed Metal, Grape
Eyes: Poetic Colors (SLurl) Moon, Autumn, m, bright, freebie
Tattoo: Cannibelle (SLurl) Khloris, Faded Black Ink, pack has fresh and faded, colored and black ink (Thanks Annabelle!)
Top and panties: Cannibelle: Karin Lingerie, Black 3
Pants: MGS (SLurl) Damage jeans, Brown (I used without the cuffs)

Pose: Label Motion (SLurl) NYG  6, freebie

Location: Amsterdam, since 2004, Centraal Station, DeJordaan Damrak Holland, Amsterdam (SLurl)


Dark side of the moon

Outfit details:

Gown: Paris Metro Couture (SLurl) Singed Sequin II, Platinum (Thanks Kalli!)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (SLurl) Moon, Autumn, m, dark, freebie
Tattoo: Cannibelle (SLurl) Siri, Faded Black Ink, pack has fresh and faded, colored and black ink, out 10th of March (Thanks Annabelle!)
Hat: The Mad Hattery (SLurl) Gothic Valentine's hat
Skin: Chandelle (SLurl) 2Pale, Make 2, Skins and hair hunt (Website)
Hair: Mina (SLurl) Puk, black, SAHH

Pose: Label Motion (SLurl) NYG  2, freebie

Location: Raynewind's Lothlorien, Alurel (SLurl) Residental area, free to roam, but respect privacy and do not enter lived in houses. Read rules available in kiosks.


Sweet and sour

Outfit details:

Top: Chantelle (SLurl) White top, freebie
Hair: Nikita Fride (SLurl) Bright Naughty, Sweet Mixed, Skin and hair hunt (Website)
Skin: Censored (SLurl) Zaya, SAHH
Pants: Cashmere (SLurl) Blow Jeans, blue, 30l
Shoes: Rebel -X (SLurl) Aki Flats, Leather, yellow
Necklace: Rebel -X: Onigiri, freebie
Hoodie: 1 Hundred (SLurl) Cropped Hoodie, Jack Or Jill Hunt
Ring: The Jewellery Exchange (SLurl) Sunflower Silver/Gold
Eyes: Red Mint (SLurl) No.03

Pose: Frooti (Website) 52 WoC , Week 9, Dandelion 3, Subo group gift