Virginia stiletto extreme heels from Jaqueline's come out next Friday! (Click images for a closer look.)


My outfit:
(my shape)
InSight, BrownGreen big eyes, from Amacci (SLurl)
hair: Akane, Black amber, from D!va (SLurl)
skin: London - Sienna, MM-board item from Cupcakes (SLurl)
Items from Fashionfreaks hunt 2 (blog):
Lovely in Lace dress, from Delicious designs (SLurl
gloves: Rawrrr velvet dress, from Sassy! (SLurl)


Pretty much to see

Here are some stores that sell pretty items. I like the look of the sims too.

I Ce Coco (SLurl) has some beautiful skins that I adored in this post at Olela alert. They also have several lucky boards. Oh and look at that well picked name on the wall ;).

Cute shops at the Osaka sim (SLurl), I took a few pics while there. I ended up there through this post on SL Good Deals, not covering the same store though. The region closed down for repairs so I had to leave, but there is a lot more to see. Walk around, take a look. Make a day of it.

Fall into decay (SLurl) has a free t-shirt, and reasonably priced stylish clothes.

Fore (SLurl) offers dollarbie gift teeshirts, free and cheapie poses, group gifts and really cute affordable clothes. Remember to check the upstairs too.

Beggars banquet (SLurl) has great clothes for 50l and 10l.

Mary's little lamb (SLurl) is a store full of cute items. Check out the Snow White hunt item.

Hunt and cover

Ok so, as I was saying, I recommend the Seasons hunt.
But I also recommend that you follow fashion blogs that cover it.
Look at the awesome pics at Olela alert for example.

The hunt blog
The hunt group

Hunting and finding

I found this store randomly and had to post about it.

Gauze (SLurl) has a gift and a wall of discounts and dollarbies. Lovely pair of shoes for 1l!

I am doing the Seasons hunt when I have time and I recommend it to you too.

The hunt blog
The hunt group

Two sims to see

I loved the pictures in this post in the Sleek home blog. So I went and checked out a couple of the stores Em mentioned. And ended up exploring the sim (Cheesecake) as well as the sim next to it (Cupcake). Both very beautiful.

Kyoot (SLurl) has pretty outfits and home decoration items. Two lucky boards. Nice group gifts.

Totally comfy this.. invisible bookstand?

North West Home & Decor (SLurl) has really good looking items and some freebies, cheapies and dollarbies.

And next door, Glow (SLurl) with a couple of cute dollarbies.

In the next sim, Gigi couture (SLurl) has some dollarbie gifts. The store is gorgeous. Oh and they have some 25l jeans and overalls.

Bingo's store (SLurl) has some really lovely outfits and a cute dress with poses as a gift.

Snooky's (SLurl) dollarbie pose Love heart.

C'est Moi! (SLurl) has gifts on the table and a freebie t-shirt on the dressing room wall. I love the colors in their clothes.

Halloween and autumn gifts!

Autumn is here and Halloween is coming. SL designers are treating us to some amazing gifts.

Scary Pumpkin Varvara, is a free Halloween gift outfit at Fashionity (SLurl).

The stores at Lemania sim (SLurl) have sales, and Halloween themes, go look. My favorite today:
Design by Tanala: Cheap 5l Halloween sweaters, some 10l items and the red boots (big arrow) specially 10l.

These next stores I found from this Fabfree post:

Curious kitties (SLurl) have a gift freebie for all and another for update group members. Really cute autumn themed!

Chuculet shop (SLurl) has dollarbies, cheap items, and gifts.


Play with light and dark

Went back to Ruru@Pino (SLurl), love that place! Just reminding you to go check their lucky boards, gatchas and the items on sale. And be careful, there are hidden lucky boards and prize camping frames. The group gifts are awesome too.

My outfit today:

Accessories by Eolande (SLurl) Basic Essentials, Glazed heart earrings
Angelwing (SLurl) Driven Snow set, gloves
Angelwing Anakarina set, top, pants, skirt
Hal*Hina (SLurl) White ribbon socks
Hal*Hina Lace cami one piece, white ribbon
Sanu (SLurl) Kawaii Star flats
Rasberry Aristocrat (SLurl) Chai Anxiety Hair, White Cloud
Eternity (SLurl), Charming skin light, bald scalp
Amacci (SLurl) InSight BrownGreen big eyes
(my shape)

Sway with me

I did the SwayLand 'Mushroom' Hunt at Sway's (SLurl) sim. It was fun and easy. Good way to get to know the sim. I love the tiny bears and the animals! Great fashions and animations too. Only minus - the dead shark at the fishing pier. Otherwise very lovely sim.

Besides the hunt, the stores have some lucky games and gifts. And I was very comfy while taking breaks. ;)


Albero can sim

Here are some stores from the Albero sim (SLurl). There is much more to see, go look!

Fabulous soul records (SLurl) has some really cool retro furniture and a lucky board.

Cheap cheap (SLurl) has really cute furniture and they are all very reasonably priced.

Lolo (SLurl) has this dangerous idea of hosting. The crocodile is a bit deadly, but I like him.

The puppy at Bliensen & Mai Tai (SLurl) is not the most cuddly looking but no worries.

Modest house (SLurl) has a freebie skybox!

Icing (SLurl) has a giftie by the door.

Figana (SLurl) has a free room devider, as I found out from this Sleek home post.

Sugarcube (SLurl) has a cute gift and their outfits are really cute.

Just a pose (SLurl) has a freebie&discount wall.

How about some gifties from Les Petits Details (SLurl)?

Go to Storin (SLurl) and pick up the dollarbie poses.

Bag lady (SLurl) has two 10l tees for us and their items are way worth a look.

Beetlebones (SLurl) has two dollarbies, cute ones too.

Dada (SLurl) the store is cute, so the gift umbrella being cute is not that surprising.

Nocc (SLurl) has a lucky board for plants.

Still life garden (SLurl) with cheap plants.

Split pea (SLurl) with a dollarbie.

Cést la vie (SLurl) has a giftie dollarbie.

Cleo Designs (SLurl) gift is an old fashioned dollhouse.

Whoa that was a long days work, but worth it.