Two sims to see

I loved the pictures in this post in the Sleek home blog. So I went and checked out a couple of the stores Em mentioned. And ended up exploring the sim (Cheesecake) as well as the sim next to it (Cupcake). Both very beautiful.

Kyoot (SLurl) has pretty outfits and home decoration items. Two lucky boards. Nice group gifts.

Totally comfy this.. invisible bookstand?

North West Home & Decor (SLurl) has really good looking items and some freebies, cheapies and dollarbies.

And next door, Glow (SLurl) with a couple of cute dollarbies.

In the next sim, Gigi couture (SLurl) has some dollarbie gifts. The store is gorgeous. Oh and they have some 25l jeans and overalls.

Bingo's store (SLurl) has some really lovely outfits and a cute dress with poses as a gift.

Snooky's (SLurl) dollarbie pose Love heart.

C'est Moi! (SLurl) has gifts on the table and a freebie t-shirt on the dressing room wall. I love the colors in their clothes.

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