Play with light and dark

Went back to Ruru@Pino (SLurl), love that place! Just reminding you to go check their lucky boards, gatchas and the items on sale. And be careful, there are hidden lucky boards and prize camping frames. The group gifts are awesome too.

My outfit today:

Accessories by Eolande (SLurl) Basic Essentials, Glazed heart earrings
Angelwing (SLurl) Driven Snow set, gloves
Angelwing Anakarina set, top, pants, skirt
Hal*Hina (SLurl) White ribbon socks
Hal*Hina Lace cami one piece, white ribbon
Sanu (SLurl) Kawaii Star flats
Rasberry Aristocrat (SLurl) Chai Anxiety Hair, White Cloud
Eternity (SLurl), Charming skin light, bald scalp
Amacci (SLurl) InSight BrownGreen big eyes
(my shape)

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