She did it again!

 Gitana and HeidiHo posing at the store
The wall of wonderful skins, 25l each, today!

She did it again!
Quick! Go to HeidiHo's HoWear (SLurl) for these gorgeous skins! You will be seeing them in my posts a lot, as I just love the quality so much.

She Came From The Sea

Outfit details:

Skin: Yasum, Xylona, Elfenground (SLurl) Tonya freckle face, fatpack, group gift
Toxic kitty (SLurl) Anchors away Tank top, dollarbie
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Eva, earth, free fatpack
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Blue starry eyes, lucky chair
Shoes: Censored (SLurl) Amy, White, 20l
Pose: Frozen Panty (SLurl) Flow01, pack, freebie 

SL sunset

Outfit details:

Hair: Alli&Ali (SLurl) Jesse
Earrings: Manna (Slurl) Perle d'Hiver
Nails: RezIpsa Loc (SLurl) Honeysuckle Pink, (5l)
Dress: Pesca (SLurl) TCP retro one piece, light green, luckyboard
Shoes: Pesca strap shoes, 40l 
Eyes: Hoot (SLurl) Biosynthe Eyes, air
Skin: Mojo (SLurl) latest free skin, group gift


The feminine figure

Charis went to Alli&Ali today to vote on their hair style voting board. And look at the name of the gift hair!

I haven't blogged shapes before because I am very attached to my own. It was originally made by my friend and mentor Flicka, and later edited by me. But I am very far from a model figure in rl and the reason for Alana's small size is in easier accessibility of fitting clothes, which is important for blogging, not in a wish to be following society's weird sense of the feminine figure. Just as important as being a quick blogger is to be a responsible and unbiased one. So here we see Charis proudly wearing a Hourglass shape. I recommend the store for anyone looking for a more realistic look.

Hair: Alli&Ali (SLurl) Charis Hair Darkbrown, Voting Present
Eyes: Dulce Secrets (SLurl) Forest Eyes 10, Giveaway board
Skin: Glamorize (SLurl) (Bare Sensual (SLurl) ) Soliel, (10l)
Shape: Hourglass (SLurl) Sia (for Skin and Shape expo, now ended)
Outfit: Velvetrythms (SLurl) Magnetica Skyy, Group lucky chair


Step away

Outfit details:


Coat: Sf Design (SLurl) Galiant leather coat, gift
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Kylie, greystone, free fatpack!
Panties, tattoo: Howear (SLurl) The Haunted (25l special)
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Yvette, leopard, black
Hat: The Mad Hattery (SLurl) Crushed Velvet Gothic Top Hat, group gift
Skin: Mojo (SLurl) Alba rock star, gift
Eyes: Shine (SLurl) Covet Flame, freebie


Skirt: Pesca (SLurl) Frill skirt black, new shop opening gift
Shoes: Katatonik (SLurl) Holiday Rica Mary Jane Wedges, blue, 50l Fridays
Doll: Katatonik: Snow Monster Doll, store win
Top: Ancay (SLurl) Suzanne Outfit, lucky board
Hair: Heart Softens (SLurl) Hara, Original Color Choco, lucky board for group
Makeup: The Fashion Garret (SLurl) Rouge Red, Exclusive group gift
Skin: Glamorize (SLurl) (Bare Sensual (SLurl) ) Callie, (10l)
Eyes: Hermony (SLurl) Stone (5l)

Apricot army

Outfit details:


Dress: Purple Moon Creations (SLurl) Daisy Gown in Brown, (55l)
Shoes: Purple Moon Creations: Polka Pumps in Cream & Orange, (55l)
Eyes: Hoot (SLurl) Biosynthe Eyes, Waterfall, group gift
Skin: Glamorize (SLurl) (mainstore: Bare Sensual (SLurl) ) Mandy, (10l)
Eyebrows: Tuli (SLurl) Zoe eyebrow shaper (old Discodeals)
Hair: Raw House (SLurl) Willow Redux, LtBlonde 04, group gift
Earrings: Sf Design (SLurl) gift


Eyes: Hermony (SLurl) Jungle (5l)
(Hermony has a sale until May 27th to help owners sick dog)
Dress: Rush (SLurl) Thank You! Summer Dress, gift
Skin: Mamboo Chic (SLurl) Sarah, Gloss Beauty, (10l)
Eyebrows: Estyle (SLurl) Sapphire Mk II 1-3
Bag: Wetherby's (SLurl) Ode to Rosa Handbag, from RM Designs, Green, cheapie
Jewelry: Wetherby's: Ode to Rosa Jewelry, Yellow, cheapie
Delights by Talena (Marketplace) Sonia Mocha Gold Sandal (5l)
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Eva, apricot, free fatpack!
Pose: This is Fawn (SLurl) Hopscotch! Animation & Ground Texture, 50l Fridays
Skybox: Pesca (SLurl) Ohitori-Sama skybox, lucky chair


Eyes: Hermony (SLurl) Herbs (5l)
Top: Hermony: Freddy TankTop, grey
Wristband: Hermony: Wristlocker
Pants: Young Urban (SLurl) Edwin Jeans, black
Shoes: Rawk Nightfire (Marketplace) Leather Sandals
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Dane, apricot, free fatpack!
Skin and shape: see sidebar


Lucky lucky

Been looking for new lucky boards and chairs to balance my budget a little. Blogging takes a lot of my spending money on SL. ;) So while I was at it, I decided to share my findings with you. There are a couple of old favorites too, as a reminder. :)

 Pesca (SLurl)
Heart Softens (SLurl)
House of Starlight (SLurl)
 Ancay (SLurl)
Awram-Viie (SLurl) (notice teeshirt template and other dollarbies)
Midnight Diamond (SLurl)


I just really liked this outfit

Outfit details:

Bracelet: Curious Kitties (SLurl)  Simple Silver Bracelets
Top: Bubblez (SLurl) (Website) Friday Outfit
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Ultimate Kate wedges, black
Skin, eyebrows, eyes, lashes: Howear (SLurl) Mystic Raven Sunkissed3.
Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Teased up, Kit kat, free fatpack
Skirt: Whippet & Buck (SLurl) So Basic Mini, charcoal (3pack for 50l Fridays)
Bag: La Malvada Mujer (SLurl) in Neon
Pose: AO, see sidebar

Strawberry field

Sway's (SLurl) has had trouble with their hunt script because when there are more than 500 hunters it has stopped working. So now they are testing a new script and you get to help and win some nice things at once. :) So go to the location, look for three strawberries and that's it!


Too cool for zoo

Outfit details:


Hat: The Mad Hattery (SLurl) Giraffe hat (50l new release)
Skirt: Brat (SLurl) Sexy Giraffe Set, free gift
Skin: Mojo (SLurl) Cocoa, gift
Eyebrows, eyes, lashes: Howear (SLurl) Mystic Raven Sunkissed 1.
Top: Barbee (Slurl) Giraffe
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Ultimate Lina, Giraffe

Hat: The Mad Hattery: Pink Leopard hat with gemstone (50l new release, includes teal version)
Hair: Logo (SLurl) Melissa, ash brown, free fatpack
Eyes: 2C Eyes (SLurl) Leopard eyes
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Yvette leopard pumps, pink
Bikini: Taby's Place/CWS (SLurl) Leopard string bikini, free P3 gift
Skin: Mojo: Free skin, gift
Eyebrows, lashes: Howear: Mystic Raven Sunkissed 1.

Poses: AO, see sidebar


Fly by

Outfit details:

Top, belt, pants: Howear (SLurl) Wish Apon a Star silver (Today's new item special 25l, later normal price)
Skin, eyebrows, eyes, lashes: Howear Mystic Raven Sunkissed 1.
Shoes: Sabbia (SLurl) Strap Pumps, black
Hair: Elikatira (SLurl) Say, black (free fatpack, old)
Pose: Olive Juice (SLurl) Finish him1, Gamer Con Pose Pack for Project Themeory (75l)
Props: Sour Pickles (SLurl) Balloon party, several colors 10l

Yellow and Green, Hues of Blue, Black with brown

Outfit details:

Hair: Raw house (SLurl) Lightning, Project Themeory
Socks: Kis Kis (SLurl) Pac Knee Highs, Black
Necklace: Sour Pickles (SLurl) Cassette and Music Notes, Yellow and Green, free gift
Tattoo: Noir Kennedy (SLurl) Wish you were here, free gift
Skin: Apple May Designs (SLurl) - (Website) Carmel, Teegan Skin Line, Paper Doll, The Fashion Garret (SLurl)
Dress: Mocha (SLurl) Midnight Water Pool, The Fashion Garret
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Starlights Green eyes with brown, lucky chair

Pose: AO, see sidebar
Prop: Zoe's Garden (SLurl) Rustic Evening, His Style hunt
Texture: Timeless Textures (SLurl) 15 Seamless Patchwork, Hues of Blue, texture 2
Texture: Timeless Textures: 15 Seamless Box of Rocks, texture 1

Level up!

We have over 7000 hits in this blog! Thank you so much everyone. :)
Please feel free to comment to anything. :)

Outfit Details:

Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Unbirthday Redux, Obsidian, free fatpack
Pants: Artilleri (SLurl) (Website) Kitta highwaist shorts, red floral, 50l Fridays
Top: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) Epigamik Vest, 50l Fridays
Skin: Mojo (SLurl) Tribal, Alba 3.0, chestnut, gift
Eyebrows and lashes: Exodi (SLurl) Isolde nuit, All tones 18, lucky chair
Necklace: The Fashion Garret (SLurl) Necklace Nature II
Shoes: Toxic kitty (SLurl) Sunday Morning Boots, Limited Edition gift
Earrings: Eluzion (SLurl) Square, gift
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Starlights Violet eyes, lucky chair
Pose: Olive Juice (SLurl) Mario, Gamer Con Pose Pack for Project Themeory (75l)

Texture: USC Textures (SLurl) Japanese Fabric - Box 1, texture 09, lucky dip (30l)

I was running after a lil rabbit

I was running after a lil rabbit at Raglan shire (SLurl) today and found a store (SLurl) that has so many cute clothes for tinies and Loco Poco's AVs. The store is called Mish mish (Mainstore SLurl). Elephant is very happy with her new dress.

Outfit details:

Dress: Mish mish (SLurl) Chloe Dress, Red
Avatar: Wynxworks (SLurl)  Tiny Elephant

Oh Tiny Elephant tells me she wants to model some more. And who could say no to a Tiny princess? So here is another outfit from Mish mish called Fairy Outfit for tinies. ;)

And Tiny Elephant recommends the Raglan Shire Art Walk (SLurl)

PS. There is a blog called Tiny Shoppers :)


By The Way: Info about Imprudence, Beautiful pictures

Did you see the amazing winner pictures of Where it begins?

Love the talent. Congrats. :)

Imprudence users need to get the newest version. Here is a quote from their site.

Imprudence 1.3.2 is now available. This is a maintenance release to addresses several issues in the 1.3-series Imprudence viewer, including an exploit that could allow griefers to crash the viewer with a specially-constructed ogg-vorbis file. If you are using Imprudence 1.3, you should definitely update to 1.3.2! If you are using Imprudence Experimental 1.4, you should consider using 1.3.2 until we release Imprudence 1.4 beta 1 (expected later this week or next week).

Come away with me

Outfit details:

Dress: Paris Metro (SLurl) Sant Tropetz Tenue, 5000 members gift
Wings: Hoot (SLurl) Kaleidoscope Mini Wings, Gold, gatcha
Nails: Exodi (SLurl) sculpted nails, Apple Red, lucky chair
Skin: Exodi: Isolde nuit, All tones 18, lucky Chair,
Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Lovelier Girl, Kit Kat, 50l Fridays
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Starlights Violet eyes, lucky chair
Pose: Dance from AO, see sidebar


By the way: Bloom dolls and filter cam hud

Cadence of writes about two very interesting things at once.

First of all, the photographic tool, called Filter Cam HUD, from MechanizedLife (SLurl), sounds really interesting. You can use a great set of tools within SL, no need for editing afterwards.

And the second interesting thing are the Surf Co's (SLurl) Bloom Dolls. SL's newest craze, as many blogs call them.


I had to blog about this skin right away. It is a HoWear weekend special, just 25l/version! Each skin comes with  shape, bikini line tattoos, eyebrow shape, eyes, face light and lashes. So generous!

Skin: Howear (SLurl) Mystic Raven Sunkissed 2.
Eyes: Mystic Raven Sunkissed
Shoes: Deco (SLurl) Bloom Heels, Licorice, 50l Fridays
Top: Hoot (SLurl) Confetti Lingerie, b&w tweed print, dollarbie
Earrings: Manna (SLurl) Perle de Valentine 
Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Unbirthday Redux, Rotten carrot, free fatpack!
Skirt: Mimikri (SLurl) Zoe, white (50l)
Bracelet: SL office of The ALS Association (SLurl) ALS rubber bracelet
Pose: Olive Juice (SLurl) Finish him 2, Gamer Con Pose Pack for Project Themeory (75l)


Vintage meets todays taste

Artilleri (SLurl) (Website) is amazing!
Ok this is how you do store design right. Every detail is perfect! You can see everything easily with one look, but have enough variation not to make things boring. There are lovely decorative and animated items around the store to spruce things up. The theme is very well thought up. Everything works as a whole. The items sold are both up to the theme and work for a look of their own. Vintage meets todays taste. Men have great items in this store too. I love this place. Can I live here?

(Outfit details in previous post.)


More gorgeous free hair!

Outfit details:

Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Teased Up - Blood Fruit, free fatpack!
Eyes: Kletva (SLurl) Recognizer Eyes, Voodoo (100l)
Shoes: Duh (Slurl) Spring Flats, Picnic, Red (25l)
Makeup: Cheap Makeup (SLurl) Brighter Days 2, Skin and Shape expo (SLurl)
Top: Aoharu (SLurl) Dungaree Long Shirt, Red, Pray for Japan gift
Top: Dilly Dolls (SLurl) (Website) Vanessa Cami Light, Teal
Bracelet: SL office of The ALS Association (SLurl) ALS rubber bracelet
Ring: Noir Kennedy / Toxic Kitty (SLurl) Mickey Mouse Ring, dollarbie
Pants: Izzie's (SLurl) (Website) Ripped Glam/Glitter Leggings, gold (35l)

Lamp: True Love Never Dies (SLurl) Focus Lamp, Albero gatcha event (SLurl)
Chair: MudHoney (SLurl) Chip Chairs, Gift
Pose: Posestand. See sidebar


Wild Windy Spring

The free hair gift from Bishwear (SLurl) called Windy has been blogged a lot lately, and the posts have been amazing. I still want to show it in my blog too, because it is just really great quality, looks amazing and I love it! :)) You get it by going to their store and buying the demo for 0l. It's by the main entrance. Check out the store, they have a lot of great looking stuff in reasonable prices.

Outfit details:

Pants: TuttiFrutti (SLurl) Wild Barbie Shorts, Blue Belt
Top: Beauty Killer (Slurl) (Website) I Love Zombies Tank, gift
Top: PomPomPom (SLurl) Orange Toggle Bikini, Group 1000 gift
Shoes: Duh (Slurl) Spring Flats, Ocean, Blue (25l)
Skin and eyebrows: AMD (SLurl) Gaia, dark
Necklace: Diamond Dreams Jewelry (SLurl) Unicorn Pendant
Eyes: CStar (closed) Cherry Killer Eyes - Berry
Pose: A dance from AO, see sidebar

Nerd = Sexy

I'm at In2it (SLurl), event is "sexiest avi" and there are 1000l on board.. I think nerd=sexy, so this is my outfit. Come on join us!!

Awesome metal tunes by Master Jami. Smexy chaperone Madi.

Outfit details:

Kyoot (SLurl)  New Money Hat, Yellow (50l)
(Remember new money dress from this post?)
Pants: Scatter (SLurl) Pedro Shorts, Olive
Makeup: Cheap Makeup (SLurl) Warhol's Muse Eyeshadow, baby blue, group gift
Top: Havoc (SLurl) Slick Lyric Military Shirt, Army Green, Discodeals

You are my world

Outfit details:

Dress: Ingenue (SLurl) Harvesting Daisies, Emerald, Culture Shock (SLurl)
Bracelet and necklace: Izzie's (SLurl) Pearl Jewelry Set, green brown, Culture Shock
Bracelet: SL office of The ALS Association (SLurl) ALS rubber bracelet
Pants: Bleh (SLurl) Tights, Blue
Hair: Maitreya (SLurl) Nico, Autumn (50l 3pack)
Skin: Essences (SLurl) Inka, Tarja skin, makeup2 (cheapie)
Makeup: L.Fauna (SLurl) Kingdom Makeup, Unicorn, dark, 50l Friday
Shoes: Duce / HoWear (SLurl) Road queen
Pose: Mocha (SLurl) Love the Earth, poseprop, Culture Shock

Mankind Tracer at Sylvhara

SL live music:
Mankind Tracer/Seth Regan at Sylvamir Plaza, Sylvhara Elen (SLurl)

Man with a great voice, and a guitar.

You might have seen elven folk too ;)


Give me a chance to hold on

Outfit details:

Pants: League (SLurl) Metallic Shine leggings, Gold, Welcome gift
Top: League: Siara Blouse, Cream, 50l Fridays
Shoes: Les Petits Details (SLurl) Sweet Heart, Black
Hair: Elikatira (SLurl) Blonde 6, big freebie pack
Earrings: Alba2 Rossini (CWS) (SLurl) Spring gold earrings, free gift
Skin: Maverick (SLurl) Karma, Ivory, Natural-hair, group gift
Makeup: Cheap Makeup (SLurl) Brighter Days 1, Skin and Shape expo (SLurl)
Makeup: Cheap Makeup: Vintage Lash 1, gatcha at S&S expo
L.Fauna (SLurl) 2.0 Lipstick, Pastel 2, (Fatpack 50l) at S&S expo
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes (SLurl) Sylph, Blueberry, MM-board (old)

Pose: What Next (SLurl) Divine Chaise Lounge (SLurl)
Painting: Homespun (SLurl) "Shelter"
Plant and stand: Hanaya (SLurl) Aloe Plant in Square Planter, group gift


Sleepless rainy nights

This is my favorite outfit and picture in a while. Guess one is inspired during sleepless rainy nights.

Outfit details:

Shoes: Duh (SLurl) Gray Leather Booties (25l)
Skin: Mons, Circus Skin Series, The Dressing room (SLurl)
Pants and top: Kyoot (SLurl) (Website) Ryn, High Waisted Shorts, Black, Jumpsuit, Paisley, Culture Shock (SLurl)
Hat and hair: Kletva (SLurl) Sam, Surreal, The Dressing room
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Starlights Venus eyes, lucky chair
Pose: From pose stand, see sidebar


Outfit details:

Alpeskin (SLurl) Caterina, Smoky (on sale: Full pack 50l)
Alpeskin: Eyelashes 9, black (5l)
Shoes: Duh (SLurl) Green Leather Booties (25l)
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Starlights Venus eyes, lucky chair
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Liv/chilli, Culture Shock (SLurl)
(Make sure to get the basic hair bases from Exile for free)
Dress: Kunglers (SLurl), Summer dress, The Dressing room (SLurl)

Pose: Boom (SLurl) (Website) Posing Seat, Culture Shock


Oh my, pie!

Homespun (SLurl) is a nice and comfortable store with beautiful items. I decided to take some pics to show you. Look at the store, so pretty! And you can sit down for a coffee and a piece of home baked pie, if you have a moment.

Outfit from previous post.