We are rocking to some great tunes at club Medusa (SLurl) again. Dj Badger is playing us classic rock. Lindens on board, theme is Short hair or Wild hares. ;)

Outfit details:

Skin: Mamboo Chic (SLurl) Millie, I'm toothy, freebie
Pants: Niniko (SLurl) Cupid's Heart 2011 jeans (hunt item)
Headband: Indie Rose (SLurl) Floral Headband, March group gift
Shoes: Estetica (SLurl) Spring flower flats, lemon, gatcha
Hair: Kin (SLurl) Free hair hf 2010, Sand (big freebie pack)
Tights: The Secret Store (SLurl) Pink wool tights (30l)
Top: Manna (Slurl) Esprit de la Foret
Earrings: Manna: Perle d'Automne
Bracelet: SL office of The ALS Association (SLurl) ALS rubber bracelet. They have hunts and events!
Eyes: CStar (closed) Cherry Killer Eyes - Berry

Blogspot was having issues so the outfit details are late, apologies.

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