Who's that boy?

Doyle promised to pose for this pic on one condition. I was to mention that he "absolutely does not look like that guy". Hey Doyle, maybe if you did, someone would let you test the couple poses on that swing with them. ;)

Outfit details:

Top: Cool Beans (SLurl) Cropped V-Neck Shirts, Soft brown (10l/3pack)
Jacket: Absolution (SLurl) Skylia Cardigan, Gray
Skin: Essences (SLurl) Inka, Eva skin, makeup 1 (49l)
Skirt: League (SLurl) Hobo mini, sepia (65l)
Nails: U&R (SLurl) Tintable nails, part of Wedding gift
Pants: Duh (SLurl) Pastel Yellow Knit Tights (10l/5pack)
Shoes: Duh: Tweet Hushpuppies, unisex (20l)
Bag: My Tweet, brown, Plaid Bag, Silver chain (20l)
Hair: Maitreya (SLurl) Chloe, Chocolate (50l/3pack)
Eyes: Snatch (SLurl) Gloss Eyes, Dark Hazel

Maknie (SLurl) Sunglasses tee
Exile (SLurl) (Website) Drake, Valentines gift
Eyes: BeReal (SLurl) (Website) Light in the Wood (MHOH5)

Nanuk (SLurl) (Image collection) Bjorn beard, black with sideburns 
Reek (SLurl) Laundry Day Hoodie, Black stripes
Duh (SLurl) Men's Sneaker Boots - Dirty Brown (20l)
Somapop (SLurl) (Website) Cc jeans, blue jeans
(Shape and skin: Andre avatar, by Tellaq (SLurl))

Vent du Sud (SLurl) Static swing, Perfect couple hunt (SLurl)

Ps. Lot's of cheapies in this post. I mentioned a few of the prizes that I remembered, but please note, that these might change.

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