By The Way: Info about Imprudence, Beautiful pictures

Did you see the amazing winner pictures of Where it begins?

Love the talent. Congrats. :)

Imprudence users need to get the newest version. Here is a quote from their site.

Imprudence 1.3.2 is now available. This is a maintenance release to addresses several issues in the 1.3-series Imprudence viewer, including an exploit that could allow griefers to crash the viewer with a specially-constructed ogg-vorbis file. If you are using Imprudence 1.3, you should definitely update to 1.3.2! If you are using Imprudence Experimental 1.4, you should consider using 1.3.2 until we release Imprudence 1.4 beta 1 (expected later this week or next week).

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