Light Fuse

Would you like to sit and talk to me
about the way things change so
when your senses come and the feeling
can you remember feeling much
too close?

Light Fuse And Get Away

  by Dream Theater

Milo's outfit with shorts and top. 50l, no time limit. (Blogger review copy).
Bubblez fashion (SLurl) (Website)
Milo Bubble videosite on Youtube.

Pose: Cheeky Pea (SLurl) Posers Suitcase

Some old favorites: 

Rag Dollz (SLurl) Them Bones ripped net gloves and ripped net stockings
The Pink Store (SLurl) TGIS Red Black Heart Pumps, Red Black Bead Bracelets
Exile (SLurl) Hope/marble
Skin and eyebrows: AMD (SLurl) Gaia, dark
Eyes: CStar (closed) Cherry Killer Eyes - Berry

6000 visits!

6000 visits!

Thank you so much everyone! :))
Have an amazing weekend!


Yummy freebies

The strawberry cake in this post by Claire on MD Style Watch, looked so great, that I had to go for a visit to Poche (SLurl). Here are a few pictures from the store for you. They have a lot of freebies, as Claire says in her post. There's also a couple of lucky boards and they take part in charity events. And a lot of the great quality plants, for example, are just 50 lindens. The store surroundings look great.

Outfit details can be seen in my recent posts, the tee is a freebie from Bleh (SLurl).


Thank a designer

Aqua (SLurl) is having a big 25l closing sale right now. Owner and designer, Ayanna Slade, tells me there might be some products to be sold in the Marketplace at a later date, but she has no plans for another store inworld. Please show some love to this talented and generous SL designer by dropping by, and shopping till you drop. There is an Easter egg hunt on at the store. They have MM-boards and lucky boards for both men and women. A lot of the items are only 10 lindens!

I will show some pics of clothes me and Doyle got from Aqua, soon.


Happy spring festivities!

Here is an outfit compiled of things I have really liked lately. I like everything I post of course but these I really really liked. Make sense? No? Well anyway. Spring is the time of love. So let me have this one, ok?

Outfit details:

Skin: Cupcakes (SLurl) Meadow, Sepia, Easter egg hunt
Hair: Diva (Slurl) Yuria, Citrine
Eyes: CStar (closed) Cherry Killer Eyes - Berry
Hat: Mad Hatter (SLurl) Monarch Butterfly Hat, 50l special
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Cleo boot, lime
Top: Peqe (SLurl) Cherry, Emerald, Chic limited
Pants: Peqe: Blossom, Peruvian, Chic limited
Jewellery: Twisted and Spoiled (SLurl) Have a heart, set, freebie

I went to the Chic Limited 1 (SLurl) event and it has so many great designer items that I had to take some pictures for you. Well not that I really was forced to, but I love you guys and so.. stuff, look, cool stuff! Click the images for a closer look.

Spring gardening

Kiskis (SLurl) celebrates Easter with Project Themeory, offering Spring Flowers Grasses (3-pack) and Potted Spring Flowers Grasses (3-pack) for 75 L$ each (hand painted with water colors). Only through April 23-29, so hurry up!


Spring green

 There's a sale at Pink Outfitters, April 20th to May 20th. Everything is 50l at their store in Dailey (SLurl)!

In these pictures I am wearing:

Pants: Pink Outfitters: Roxy Bermuda Shorts - grass
Top: Pink Outfitters: Naturist Tunic - spring green (notice leaf detail in the back)
Jewellery: Spanish dreams by Vincenca Rosca
Eyes: -tb- Jejune Rustic Eyes, Julliette Westerburg
Skin and eyebrows: AMD (SLurl) Gaia, dark
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Luka,Crimsom
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Ultimate Claire Pump
Poses from AO (see sidebar)

Pink and chrystal

My friend Starlight sent me an im the other day: "Guess what, I made a skin!". This girl is so talented. Her clothes are always great quality and unique and now she makes skins too! And they are very reasonably priced, like everything in her store.

So in the image I am wearing Starlight's (SLurl) Altaira, pink, skin, and her Chrystal outfit, also a new item. The outfit is only 60l and the skin is 120l! She is going to have new skins soon. I really recommend you visit the store. Note the lucky chairs, MM-board, freebies and cheapies. And the Easter Madness hunt is still on for a few days, remember the gorgeous gown, Gloria, I posted about earlier. It's Starligh'ts price for the hunt.

Hair: Exile (SLurl) Sarah, gold dust mix, The dressing room blue, exclusive colors
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Ultimate Minuetta Silver
Pose: Starlight's posestand at her store
Eyes: -tb- Jejune Rustic Eyes, Julliette Westerburg


Is it infinite?

Jim Blascovich (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Jeremy Bailenson (Stanford University) on SL in a few minutes, talking about their new book, Infinite Reality.

Future of virtual reality, is it infinite?

Here is a Youtube video about this very question. Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson, two pioneering experts in the field of virtual reality, joined Ian Punnett to reveal when we all might be living in the Matrix. Host Ian Punnett.

But as the video is quite long, I recommend you first hop on to Aloft Nonprofit Commons (SLurl) to see them talking of the book.


Everything still remains the same

As you can probably tell, this is my favorite skin these days and appears in several posts.

Outfit details
Hair: Tiny Bird (SLurl) & Reek, Laundry Day Hair, Golden Auburn
Top: Bleh (SLurl) Unhook me! Monster Flavor, free
Pants: Oblivious (SLurl) Womens gift, Fishnet Green Jeans
Bag: Berries Inc. at Where it Begins Market (SLurl) Tote bag I
Eyes: -tb- Jejune Rustic Eyes, Julliette Westerburg
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Amy Boot Black, April 2011 release
Skin and eyebrows: AMD (SLurl) Gaia, dark
Necklace: Diamond Dreams Jewelry (SLurl) Unicorn Pendant
Pose from AO, see sidebar


There is great art

Hanaya sells all kinds of interesting things, and the store is beautifully decorated with amazing details. There is great art on display upstairs. They take part in hunts and charity events. Note the gatchas. I think you will enjoy visiting, I know I did.

Web site
Web store
Inworld store (SLurl)

Beautiful charity effort

Check out this Saya Littlething from Schoen (SLurl) is giving away a free gown and asking you to donate to a rl charity.


So much to see

This post on Free*Style by Sileny is just amazing. I'm a fan, as you might have noticed.

While checking out the slurl's in the post I ended up in the Tableau sim (SLurl) and had another "omg this sim is awesome!" moment. So here are some pictures.

I love the traditional belltower

I am expecting Snoopy's cousin Spike to show up anytime now.
I kinda always thought it was pretty icky that people put nakey pics on office walls. But at least this office is occupied a person with versatile tastes, as there are nakey women pictures on the walls and man magazines on the table. Apparently it's a casting office. No couch though.
This dude was the strong silent type. Not a word.
Surf couture (SLurl) sells gorgeous clothes. I have always wondered about movies that are set in some remote backwater place. Why do those places always have such gorgeous women? 
Tres blah, next door, offers a free tote bag to new subscribers. I am sure you have noticed I have a secret bag addiction. Or not so secret. It's kind of a public addiction.
And in the next room.. oh my..
I might have to send Doyle here, Kari (SLurl) has all this cool stuff he would go nuts for.
The red smexy deco of the Pig (SLurl) trailor might look a bit risque to a good girl like me, but no worries, Jesus and Elvis are in the building. So it's ok to nap here.

I think I need to do part 2 of this sim review later. So much to see and this post is getting picture heavy. So let's end this journey here, nap, and come back later, ok?

Question, and answers

Here is an important question, and answers by some interesting Metaverse personalities.

Can content creators be safe in Open Sims? Blog post by Prim Perfect featuring an episode of the Designing Worlds video series.


More cute

In my previous post you saw some clothes from Bleh (SLurl) among the things on sale at the Little Big Shop Event (SLurl) (April 15th to May 15th. Clean water to Africa and India). Went to see their main store, and discovered more freebies and cheapies. Men, women, unisex, tees, tattoos, underwear, tights etc.

Clean water

Little Big Shop Event (SLurl) April 15th to May 15th. Clean water to Africa and India. Amazing sim design, so many great details.
The views are breath taking!
Cheapies and a freebie from Bleh (SLurl). Cute clothes for a great cause.
Video art close to the tp site.
The water cooler from Hanaya (SLurl) is a must
Had to get these Puddle stompers from AJA (SLurl)
The houseboat from Thistle (SLurl) looks beautiful
The bubbly shop of Grixdale (SLurl) offers a pair of freebie leggings with their pretty clothes.

TLBS Exclusive art by Gabrielle Swindlehurst
The Croire (SLurl) clutch has a water and earth motif

Fairie falls by Rustica (SLurl) and Not so shabby

(Not all of the products shown are for the cause, took me a moment to realise they were the ones in baby blue frames, sorry for any confusion).

Outfit details:
Sweet B (SLurl) Staggered miniskirt
Bleh: Raindrop Tights, Water Bottle Tee
Apple May Designs (SLurl) - (Website) Punky Keds
Sweater: The Secret Store (SLurl) Striped sweater, Brownie
Necklace, earrings: Diamond Dreams Jewelry (SLurl) Unicorn Pendant, titanium hoops
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Luka,Crimsom
Gloves: Kage ninja gloves, Feudal Nippon (SLurl) Welcome Package, free
Skin and eyebrows: AMD (SLurl) Gaia, dark
Eyes: CStar (closed) Cherry Killer Eyes - Berry
Poses from AO, see sidebar