Check out the new hunts and holiday gifts at Papillon's (SLurl). One of the holiday gifts is the Evergreen dress I am wearing in the picture. Shoes Stacey heels by Clocktower designs (SLurl).


Newbie, meet vintage

Ivalde vintage fashion (SLurl) has a newbie kit for those of you, who are less than 30 days old on SL.

As you can see, there is also a lucky chair at the store.
While visiting the store, my friend won this dress and was kind enough to let me take a picture for the blog. The pose used for the picture at the store was fittingly called "blogger female".

The dress is called: Anka grey dress

Rest of the outfit details:

Skin: Rockberry (SLurl) Megan Dark tan, lucky board price
Eyebrows: Estyle (SLurl) Emerald eyebrows
Hair: Raw House (SLurl) Tijana Hair
Eyes: Dulce Secrets (SLurl) Dream eyes
Ribbon: Ambrosia (SLurl) Black strawberry dress


Gorgeous look, look gorgeous

Eshi Otawara (SLurl) has some really gorgeous and fashionable looks. And they have freebies too! The box on top of the display at the front of the picture and the box on top of the pile of boxes are free for example.

Beloved jewelry (SLurl) has a lucky chair and dollarbies. Their jewelry sets are beautiful.


Besides their weekly group gift, White armory (SLurl) now has a 50l group special!

Pink with hearts, yellow star

Simple but sweet outfit for today.

Outfit details:

Home of Sanu (SLurl) Kawaii star set shoes, star, bow and lollipop
Kat Johnston of Sanu fame also has a rl website here.
Wetherby's (SLurl) butterfly zen dress
!MU Genki eyes from MU.shop (SLurl)
Beauty Avatar hair, Alva, white platinum, Glam affair (SLurl)
Smoking gun tan skin, Garded secret (SLurl)

Btw Garded secret is having a 50% sale atm and they made the group join fee smaller too. :)


Boy I like this look

Here's an outfit fit for winter weather.

Sweater, purple, Zenith fashion store (SLurl) hunt item.
Impossible universe eyes, freebie, Sweeter than candy (SLurl)
Oriental fishnets in grey, hunt gift, Actchio (SLurl)
Monotone wanpi dress, Slow Kitchen (SLurl)
Earrings from the Classic Christmas Gifts box, Hatter is Mad (SLurl)
Knitted wool socks in boots, gift, Iren (SLurl)
Hair is mens hair actually, but I like it on me. Bro, carnelian, AVDC hunt item, Anaphora (SLurl)

Picture taken at Zenith fashion store. They have some great clothes, take a look at their coats for example.


I read this awesome post in SLexy fashionista and wanted to get the hairstyle, so I went to Anaphora (SLurl) and joined their update group. Go take a look at the store, the hairstyles are just fantastic.

Slow kitchen (SLurl) in the Osaka sim has some gorgeous fashion items in reasonable prices.

Right next door is Graph (SLurl) with clothes for guys that I think work nicely on girls too. They have a reopening gift and some dollarbies.

Actchio (SLurl) is a small fun store with some cute items for a fashionable girl. And a carousel is always a plus in store design ;).

Sweeter than candy (SLurl) has a clearance sale! Single items 10l, fatpacks up to 50l. They also have a free elf outfit.

They also have old hunt gifts on their wall and a freebie wall!

Gifties and hunt

Check out Home of Sanu's (SLurl) awesome gifties! And their lucky game. They have the cutest skyboxes. And I got stuck looking at all the cute items, like candy canes and shoes and bows and.. everything.

While there I spotted the sign for Rσyαl Hσlidαys αt Hσmε Huηt. Start location: (SLurl).

"Each Item in the Hunt Has a Value of 500L. & Will be Set for Sale for 45L. Dεcεmbεr 2, 2010 thrσugh January 2, 2011. Royal Living Magazine features fabulous homes, furniture, accessories, decorations and landscaping items in Second Life that help make vacant parcels into wonderful homes!"

When you pick up the first item you get a notecard with pictures of the hunt prizes, so you know if you want to buy them. Thats good when doing a hunt that requires some lindens to do.


House charming

Furniture stores have gifts and freebies too, of course. Check these out.

What next (SLurl) has these amazing free wall decals.

How about a free gift from Croire (SLurl)?

Urbanized (SLurl) has some free gifts.

Checking out some sim

I saw this post at iheartsl and decided to check out Iren. While there I took a look around the other stores on the sim as well.

Ilaya (SLurl) has this pose ladder for 69l.

-ES- (SLurl) has some gorgeous eyes and the red box in the picture is a freebie!

Funkstar (SLurl) gives a shirt as a group gift.

Iren (SLurl) has a lucky chair and some gifts next to the minimania for their group members.

Freebies, gifties, dollarbies and cheapies

Balloon animal pose prop, 25l at Dollipops (SLurl)

Sucarcube (SLurl) Stripe flare dress gift

Willow (SLurl) has a nice pile of freebies and dollarbies

This butterfly chair is from Lapipi (SLurl) for 10 l

Among the wearables at /Me (SLurl), there is a freebie and a couple of cheapies.

Cat's eye (SLurl) has a freebie bracelet in a box on the floor.

I had been to the Albero sim before, but I decided to visit again to see what was going on. Here are some stores with freebies, gifties, dollarbies and cheapies. Walk around, plenty of more stores to see.

Clock in some shopping

Clock Tower designs (SLurl) has some 50% sales items.


Glow Studio (SLurl) has still some sales items out, go take a look!


I love fashion!

I love this wall at Tasty&Cool Beans (SLurl)! They have cheapie dresses of great quality and the fat packs are low low priced considering the awesomeness of the products. For example the Dangerously innocent mini dresses are 40l each and the fatpack is just 100l! They have other walls similar to this one around the store, look around!

Cute Mouse Girl agrees that the things in this store are awesome.

Frooti (SLurl) has group gifts and freebies, yay.

Exodi (SLurl )has lucky chairs and gatchas. Their group joining gift is a skin pack with all tones.

Freebies at Virtual Canada (SLurl)

Tuttifrutti (SLurl) has gorgeous clothes with very reasonable prices. They also have a lucky board and two gatcha machines.

AYline (SLurl) has a free gift and a group gift by the counter.

Felicia's fashions (SLurl) has lucky chairs, lucky presents, MM board, hunts.

Hatter is Mad & H.I.M. Fashion, Life and Everafter (SLurl) is a huge building full of awesome stuff like costumes, fancy outfits and, in the picture, rock star avi's.

Magic nook (SLurl) has interesting poses and fun gadgets and games. They also have clothes and accessories for us fashion lovers. Freebies on the wall with the curtain.


Trashy Girls In Style (SLurl) has quite a few gifts by the counter.

Hair only Mall (SLurl) has freebie gifts by the tp site.

A&S (SLurl) with MM boards, freebies to 20l wall, gifts.

Pompompom (SLurl) has free gifts by the tree. Take a look at the cute shoes I just had on in my outfit post! They are rebranding from the name Evie to Pompompom. I am looking forward to seeing how the new brand developes.

Ready, set, go

I featured Together Inc. (SLurl) in my latest outfit post, and decided to show you the store a bit. It has some lucky games, MM-boards, discount items and dollarbies, go check those out!