Happy Halloween!

Hear me now, oh Pumpkin king
Let me ask for just one thing
Keep me safe this Hallows eve 
So I'll have fun all drama free

(By Alana Pyara)

Huggles to you all. Have fun! 

And newbies, you should do searches on secondlife.com and on the viewer, as there are a lot of parties with great competition prizes for Halloween!


Come as you are!

★ Ɗل Ɗαηί  ⓡαⓦкʂ  ★
Our amazing dj is playing some awesome tunes right now! I recommend you come to see us at HypnotiQ right now!

There's 300 lindens on the contest board, theme: Come as you are!

Next to the club, there is a fashion store called Riot. I recommend their lucky chairs and camming from the dancefloor to shop there!

HypnotiQ (SLurl)
I'm on stage! Say hi! (Outfit details later!)

Edit1: Dani's group DJ Dani's Fans!! gives out these cute t-shirts!


DJ Cheri!

You Have to see this!
My gorgeous friend Cheri is doing her Debut DJ set on HypnotiQ (SLurl) RIGHT NOW!

She plays all these amazing remixes of dance songs. Perfect for a fun evening!

Our dancer Cinnamon and Dj Cheri looking hot.

My outfit? A lady can't share all her secrets. ;) But I can tell you that it is compiled of amazing outfits I have gotten from the 25l wall at HoWear (SLurl)! Go take a look, they have new cool stuff every weekday! The skin is a group gift from Garded Secret and the hair I have had on before, it's from Glam Affair.

While visiting the club, check out the Riot store right next to it. Many of my favorites are from there nowadays!


Never ouch of style

So my pc and mouse have been behaving badly lately and now the mouse died completely. As I moved back to the laptop untill I get a new mouse, I wanted to post some older pics that I had saved on it.

Pinkmares House (SLurl) has some terrrribly cute outfits and other items. I would not call the chairs lucky but I have won some awesome stuff from them and from the MM-boards. They have events and trivia for their customers. The group gifts are plentiful. So if you are into horror, dark lolita styles etc, visit the store. Oh and remember to look upstairs. Some awesome art there too.


Hunting high and low

I decided to fix my sleeping patterns. Only trouble is, my friends from the club are asleep now. So I decided to kitty up and go look for trouble on my own.

Hunting for some tombs at Fierce islands (SLurl). Also laughing at the silly who has apparently been drunk broom flying.
I am sure she's fine.

=(^ o ^)=

.. edit ..
OMG I had to show you this one, lol.



Meet Alana

I made my dancer profile pic. I hope you like it. :)
Meet the rest of the HypnotiQ staff here. :)


Run run run

I have done more than just clubbing lately. But busy as I am, I needed some help from my friends. Been looking at the posts of fellow bloggers to see what I needed to pick up on my moments off. I really recommend them to you all. These ladies know fashion.

Went to see the amazing board prices at RibboN (SLurl) and while there I just had to get a new scarf, and a new bag, and.. and.. and. Sorry I can't remember who had the dress on their post, but I won the one on the left.

I had to get this Temptation trench from Fierce (SLurl). I have been drooling over it since I came to SL this summer. Wow. Finally!

After reading this on Olela Alert, I went to NoaR (SLurl) to check out their group pressie and just HAD to get a dress.

It gets better

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better" www.joelburns.com


Hot Alias

Club Alias (SLurl), dancing with some hot people. I do that a lot! :)

D for Demo's

Dunneh writes in her post on Narcissism is my forte about product demo's. She has important and interesting points.

I myself have not used demo's much yet. I came to SL without any money and have only recently gotten some SL income. So I would not have had the money for the product, so I did not use the demo's much. I might have tried something just because it looked awesome, of course. :)

See the post and make up your own mind. Should demo's be always free? I agree with Dunneh in that a free demo gives a generous impression of the store owner. But now that I have some money to spend, I like the idea of supporting the designers and 1l for one demo is kind of a nice way to say thanks, if I end up not buying the product. But that's also why there are donation jars at stores and Dunneh makes good points about demo's when you are someone who uses a lot of them.

Maybe there could be a group for demo users? You could get demo's for free if you were a member? Joining a group requires some initiative and for that I think it's a good thing to give them a free demo. And I guess as the group tag allows the freebie, it gives the seller a way to track how many demo's they have sold for free.

What do you guys think?

Dance riot!!

I met Kismet tonight, so hot!
When you think it can't get any better, someone (owner Desiree) goes and gives the club an amazing makeover and you are staring at the door of an awesome fashion store while dancing. Mmmm. Me likes. HypnotiQ !♪♪(SLurl).

We are still here, come say hi to me if you have time :)
Awesome dj Alpha!

hair: Chai Anxiety, White Cloud, Raspberry Aristocrat, (SLurl)
eyes: !MU Genki eyes from MU.shop (SLurl)
skin: Miranda : Lovely Tea : 05(L1) - pale, I Ce Coco (SLurl)
armbands: Them Bones, Rag Dollz (SLurl)
top: Sassy Boobs Tube, black, Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl)
shoes: leather boots, MrSigmund Creations (SLurl)
pants: Tina Shorties. Dawn Design (SLurl)


Keep on dancing in the Free world

You can tell these days that this blog is mostly a log of what I do on SL. When I run after fashion, I post more about it. When I have time for hunts, I post about them. And since these days I have been into clubbing, that is a common theme for now.

I went looking for something to do today, and was going through my landmark folder. I had been to this club before but decided to take another look. So I landed in Allusion rock and blues club (SLurl). The lovely dj FreeSpirit is playing some awesome tunes. I have been babbling about my love for Neil Young and Tom Waits. And there is the dancing of course. :)

The Unknown Hunt, Halloween, Oct.9.-Nov.5.

October 9th – November 5th, 2010
Start Location: Evie
Group SLurl

You know the feeling when you KNOW you should see something and you just don't? You just KNOW you have been standing right next to it all along and just not spotted it. This is what happened to me with the first store of this hunt. So I recommend the group. I got a little help from a friendly fellow huntress. Thank you! :) Oh and yes, I had been standing there at least twice. *blushes*
Not being able to find the raven, I wanted to hide.
Went to the other end of the vale for a breather.
Got it! Had to try the shirt and scarf right away.
The rest of the outfit is from Taste of Summer by Paradisis (SLurl).
Shoes, skin and nails from the outfit I had on yesterday. The hair is the same but color blond. Eyes !MU Genki eyes from MU.shop (SLurl).The green top is from the Butterfly top fatpack, I just bought it from Evi. :)


I just got syndicated :)
I have a link to the Fashion Guide SL Feed on my sidebar :)

Canary mellow

I love yellow. So guess what I think of this outfit. I loves it!
Oh, and I took the pic on stage again, lol. ♪♪ Come join us at HypnotiQ !♪♪(SLurl)


skin: Miranda : Lovely Tea : 05(L1) - pale, I Ce Coco (SLurl)
hair: Beauty Avatar hair, Alva, white platinum, Glam affair (SLurl)
eyes: Forest eyes 10, Dulce secrets (SLurl)
bangles: Bad Juju Skully bangles (SLurl)
bangles: Moira, Talisman (SLurl)
earrings: Arianna, bubblegum, Talisman
pants: Pink leggins, gift, Les Petit Details (Group) - (Website)
dress: Shanghai baby, canary, Truth (slurl)
shoes: Gold color change, Fabu fine designs (Freebies for newbies)


Review the viewers

One of the big conversations on SL is about which viewer you should use and why.
People have their favorites based on features, looks and usability, but you should probably try them out and pick one that fits you best. I have used V2, Phoenix and the official viewers. Many say that Phoenix is best if you want to do building stuff. But I actually do well with the others too. For InWorldz I use Imprudence, it looks a bit more basic but works well.

Prim perfect is doing reviews on the 3rd party viewers, take a look.

Prim Perfect’s Guide to Third Party Viewers: The Basic: Second Life 1.23.5

Prim Perfect’s Guide to Third Party Viewers: The Future? Second Life Viewer 2

Amazing tunes

Wow, I have a new raaaawwwking outfit I will tell you every detail about later.
Right now I am on stage at the club and dancing to some amazing tunes.

!♪♪!♪♪!♪♪ Come join us at HypnotiQ !♪♪!♪♪!♪♪(SLurl)


The stars in my eyes

I am giddy over this outfit. It is my all time favorite. :) So I had to share it with you guys, of course.

I made this for the dancing job and it worked really well. But I think I will be using this a lot for other things as well.

Oh and HoWear has 25l special offers of their new items, you need to see those. 

Here are the details:

Veronica zipper high heels from Jaqueline's (see my earlier post)
Clothes from Heidiho Huet's HoWear (SLurl)
jeans: Graffiti light grey stars
top: Quest for blood
skin: Miranda : Lovely Tea : 05(L1) - pale, I Ce Coco (SLurl)
hair: Toast, Alli&Ali Designs (SLurl)
eyes: BrownGreen Big Eyes (SLurl)


Here are the gorgeous new Veronica Zipper High Heels from Jaqueline's (Slurl)!


Thanks for an awesome evening!

Look at my lovelies! SO hot!
I had so much fun on stage!
♪♪ You still have time to join us at HypnotiQ !♪♪!♪♪!♪♪(SLurl)

Dancing Alana

I got a job on SL:

❀ I am dancing on stage right now! *

!♪♪!♪♪!♪♪ Come join us at HypnotiQ !♪♪!♪♪!♪♪(SLurl)


Big Daddy’s dj plays my tunes

Ok so I have been doing some clubbing lately. It has been fun. So now that I have done that I decided to.. do some more!!
And I got lovely Cinderella to take me to a new club again!

We went to Big Daddy's 80's club and wow that was (is, still there lol) fun!

Thank you Chyna for playing Barracuda for me, yes it was my fault, lol.

There was some Dio earlier and other fun tunes.

Totally loving this club! Thanks Muffin and Karabella as well!

Their website is here.
Take the limo via this SLurl.  



Painting it purple

Avatars, twibbons, banners, wallpapers, background images etc here.

Hypnotize me

I was not done dancing, so I went for some trivia and late night clubbing to HypnotiQ dance club (SLurl).

Cindy and me

Guess where we are, again, lol ;) (Slurl)

My outfit:

shoes: Strawballetts black, Beatnik store (SLurl)
skirt, pants: Polka Dots dress skirt, pink, Ambrosia (SLurl)
top: Paris top 1, Donna Flora (SLurl)
eyes: Sylph, Charcoal Ibanez (SLurl)
hair: Akane, Rhodolite, D!va  (SLurl)
bangles: FairyFraise
skin: Miranda, Lovely tea, I Ce Coco (SLurl)


Sassy Halloween

Garden house with Halloween specials.
Gorgeous decorations around the store.
Thank you gifts for the subscribe group members!
Lucky boards, MM-boards and Gacha's.
So much to see, I needed a nap.
Why not take a look at the other interesting stores?

Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl) at Sassy Kitty Mall, the group gifts will be there until 13th of October!

(Outfit details in my previous post.)

Dancing fiend

We went dancing again. This is good fun. We are at Ambrosia dance club (SLurl). I have a different look today. Sort of flower power ladylike. Been doing way too much blog stuff during the last few months. So dancing is the right way to spend a weekend. :)

My outfit:

socks: Feather outfit, Lynece's shop (SLurl)
shoes: FreeGift 12/Spring Shoes, black plaid, Dulce Secrets (SLurl)
neck: Group Gift No.17, S@bbia (SLurl)
shirt, skirt, pants, arm: Group Gift No.16, S@bbia
bangles: Purple Lily, Free Dove (SLurl)
earrings: Dark, Donna Flora (SLurl)
hair: Alice, black, Donna Flora
skin: Miranda, Lovely tea, I Ce Coco (SLurl)
eyes: Zana Grey, Dilly Dolls (SLurl)