Outfit fit for shopping

I found this store through this post by Catwalk Queen. Bubblez Design (SLurl) has a ton of amazing group gifts and lucky boards. You really should go take a look!
They are a very fairly priced store for shopping. Nice stuff for guys as well.

(Why post about something someone just posted about? I just want to link to interesting posts and when I love the things they show, I will add my own touch. :) ).

My outfit today is a mix and match of items I love. Sort of girly punk?

Outfit details:
More Carnie Trash, gloves, short skirt, corset, PinkMares House (SLurl)
Silent Paloza, leggins, PinkMares House
24 carat bangle left, panties, Fierce designs (SLurl)
Pinned Choker, black, Clocktower design (SLurl)
Socks: Fashion Freak2 Fishnets, DivaLicious (SLurl)
Shoes: Sassy High Heels Damask, black, Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl)
Hair: Twintale Hair 1, Black Maria (SLurl) - (Website)
Shape: (My own)
Skin: Miranda, Lovely Tea 05 (L1) pale, I Ce Coco (SLurl)

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