Suitable for summer

Been running around a lot, so much to do and see. This is my current favorite outfit, a bit more suitable for summer.

Outfit details:

Hair: Raw House (SLurl) Kannibal, Black 01, old stock sale
Eyes: X line (SLurl) X line Eyes 02 Grey (10l sale until tier runs out, after that only available in Marketplace)
Top: Howear (SLurl) SunShine bikini, charcoal
Pumps: TDR and TDRb (SLurl), 2 years  (5 colors), dollarbie gift
Skirt: Tee*fy: Skater, Mesh,  Black Dot, TDR Blue
Tote: House of Fox: Shoppers Tote TDR Blue
Skin: MONS (SLurl) Happy Valentine's Day, Gift
Skin Base: Back to Black, version1
Pose: Frooti (Website) Dandelion 2, Group freebie

My SL9B finds, part 2

The Friendly Tree (SLurl) by Fluke and Gallery Barzane

KittyCatS SL9B BirthdayBash 28 (SLurl) is an interesting installation by Misa Delight and Ti Mosienko of Columbia University, which let's you participate in the art making process. They also have a Networked art section with information and kindly included my invite to the Friendly chat café.

Great photo

Crap Marine took a great photo of the Friendly Chatter Café while exploring SL9B:

Image by Crap Marine



SL9B finds by me part1

Here are some of my findings at SL9B.

The Virtual Museum of Architecture (VMA) Main location: (SLurl) At SL9B: (SLurl

From their notecard:
The Virtual Museum of Architecture (VMA) is a SecondLife entity that is dedicated to the education and exploration of various types of architecture.

Born from the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, the VMA has expanded its interest into other styles of architecture, such as 19th Century Plantations, Sustainable Homes following LEEDS guidelines, the Art Deco designs of commercial buildings in the 1920s and most recently, the eclectic styles of Drive-in Restaurants of the 1950s.

Here in SecondLife, the VMA has a campus where we rotate our displays and hold educational lectures and fun building contests. We'd love to have you stop by and visit.
Tahby Photography has a really nice promotional plot at SL9B (SLurl). Simple and to the point, while being pleasing to the eye. And I enjoyed the relaxing athmosphere. They have a free gift.

I have been watching the development of the build in my neighboring plot and waiting to have a chance to visit. This build must have the best view on SL9b. You walk a long slide up, and all the while sigh at the breath taking look you get over the sims. And there is a hud in the works for the top platform. I found a lift, too. Fittingly the build is called The Engine of the Gods (SLurl).

Another great piece of SL architecture, and some really good photo art at the Show me Yours gallery in SL9B (SLurl). If you are interested in participating, they have an information sign about their next themed photo competition.

More about my experiences at SL9B coming soon.

Everyone is invited

Visit The Friendly Chatter Cafe, look at it on the map and read about it in the SL Destination guide.

If you decide to blog about this location or use it in your machinima, please let me know, so I can link back to your work. :)

Everyone is invited. :) (This was my invitation inworld).
Just looking at the listing of what you can find around SL9B, one knows it is going to be an amazing party with so much to see and experience. 


SL9B Friendly Chatter Café

My SL9B plot, the Friendly Chatter Café (SLurl) is finally done. I was going to spend two days on it, but got a bit "inspired" with all the treats and drinks and gifts etc. I hope you can visit at some point. SL9B is a huge celebration with a bunch of sims full of attractions and entertainment. But I figured, everyone needs a break sometimes. :) With so much to see, even virtual legs get tired sometimes. The sims open for public on 18th of June, 2012. SL9B ends 27th of June. Have fun!


Taking a break at SL9B building site

Tiny Rhinoh in a fairy costume, taking a break at SL9B building site. Taken at The Friendly Chatter Cafe at SL9B by Alana Pyara (SLurl)

 Not that there has been time for many breaks. Have been building like a busy bee for days now. Hope to see you visit, when the sims open 18th June. You will get free treats and drinks (for tinies and biggies), and free gifts. The picture is a sneak peek at what the café looks like. There is room for several groups to enjoy themselves and talk to friends or meet new people. Or you can park there while you go afk.

A lot to see at the SL9B. Our neighbors are really interesting. There is a huge light tower right next to the café that is going to be awesome. And on the other side an artistic looking pyramid. There's some really cool pop art in a big circle on a field close by. And so much more. Plus there are so many sims to see. Take a pod and have a look. :) Keep an eye out for events. Lot's of entertainers have signed up. Live music, dj's etc. And volunteer greeters giving gifts and advice. This is gonna be an awesome event!


Midsummer Madness

Paradise Landing Sim Hunt, Sat 23rd - Sun 24th June
Textures, sculpties, building supplies, etc.

 Starting point at USC Textures (SLurl)


Free pose prop: The Shopaholic's Closet

Vendor image used with owners permission

Had to show you this Glitterati release: The Shopaholic's Closet.
Free pose prop, and available for everyone, at the mainstore (SLurl). Love the stuff Katey does, so much inventiveness. And even if the pose prop is primmy, it is well worth some really fun photoshoots, or being the main attraction at your house. ;)


The voodoo, who-do-what-you-don't-dare-do people

Here is an outfit I have been meaning to post for a while, as it is a big favorite of mine. I have been running around looking like this a lot, while doing the art thing. Feels good having a look longer than for a photo shoot. But I do still get restless if I don't change my skin and hair as well as clothes, every once in a while. That is what makes blogging a different kind of experience on SL. My alts have more of a steady look they work with.

Outfit details:

Gitana's Boutique (SLurl) Voodoo, silver (bracelet, chained skull earrings, chained skulls necklace, skull belly ring)
Hair: D!va (SLurl) Mana, Type B, Onyx, 15000+ group gift
Shoes: Insanya (SLurl) Obey Boots
Bracelet: Insanya: Zed Is Dead Baby, Blacks B
Skin: Atomic (Image Gallery) Grace, db, Buff, Spring (recent TDR Blue Exclusive)
Hat: Glow Studio (Website) Black Chic (recent Dressing room)
Top: PB&J Pulled Bra Top Black
Pants: Howear (Twitter) Boomerang
Eyes: Poetic Colors (SLurl) Moon, Autumn, m, bright, freebie

Burned rice (Image Gallery) Feel cube
Frooti (Website) Hear No Evil