I love this cocktail dress and was planning on blogging it when the hunt was still on but got to it too late. But, the lovely and helpful ⓡⓞⓢⓔ was amazing and put it back out for us! For one more week this gown is available as a free gift, just click the hunt icon - butterfly. It's upstairs, at the Four Seasons Plaza location.

Outfit details:

Dress: Paris Metro (SLurl) Butterfly Amber Cocktail, Leather Ring Belt, free gift for one week!
Skin: Amacci (SLurl) Jenny, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, group gift
Earrings: LaGyo (SLurl) Crudelia (The Season Hunt)
Shoes: Imbue (SLurl) Wooden pumps, Enigma
Accessory: Solidea Folies (SLurl) October collar, group gift
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Iona, Roots, Persimmon (TDRB)
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Inspired Violet Brown
Poses: Avante Poses (SLurl) Calis pose (TRPH)

Location: BellPer's Haunted Island (SLurl)

Come dine with ghosts

Outfit details:

Skin: Gasqhe (SLurl) Mila, the Dressing Room Blue (SLurl)
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Iona, Roots, Sable (TDRB)
Dress: Mimikri (SLurl) Suza Lace Dress taupe (TDRB)
Earrings: Eluzion (SLurl) Yessenia, group gift
Hat: The Mad Hattery (SLurl) Spooky Halloween Top Hat, group gift
Makeup: Cheap Makeup (SLurl) Latex Liner dark burgundy, free gift
Makeup: L.Fauna (SLurl) Halloween Lipstick, Black
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Inspired Halloween Ghost
Boots: Jaqueline's (SLurl) 4D Shoes, JIL multicolor

Furniture: Cleo Design (SLurl) Haunted, group gift
Lights: Hanaya (SLurl) Waving Ghosts + Pumpkin Deco Lights, gift


Amarantha, the exposé. Rhinoh the Intern returns

Haunted Mansion and the Maze. Casper helps push the car. A renter complains "The landlord never fixes the lights around here. And have you SEEN the cobwebs?!"
Resident not willing to comment on the rumors that Badger Albatros is actually an escaped convict. Hazardous oversight in warning signs: skull piling allowed while local boys fear cuties. Kittycat Black modeling for Pumpkin Carver. "I definitely feel more attractive than the competition". Live performance failure: "All these tired comebacks", comments an audience member.
Wally confirms: "My owner is known as the Booing Blondie". Wiz gets into a funk: "I am emo now". Spider couple proud of their house security: "We recommend Werewolf Watch services to all property owners".
Green goo seen seeping from underground. Another city code violation? Nanny and owner of Ghost Nightcare Inc. says: "Others pale in comparison". Magic garden and a well of strawberry jam. Amarantha travel industry "looking forward to" a rush of visitors.
Local businesses tough on crime. This thieving tree was thrown to jail by the Watch. Loyal customers come back even after passing. Pink Purrr at the height of her hay days.

Amarantha Clubs (SLurl)
Vera Langer Creations (SLurl)
Sophia's Shapes and Sophia's Cats (SLurl)


Pumpkin Buck

Outfit details:

Boots: Jaqueline's (SLurl) 4D Shoes, JIL multicolor with Jewellery (Thanks Jaq!)
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Inspired Halloween Pumpkins
Dress: Butterfly Effectz (SLurl) Sweet like candy, name your prize item
Hair: Rock Candy (Marketplace) Bombi, Ash, freebie fatpack
Skin: Apple May Designs (SLurl) Gaia, Carmel
Makeup: Elymode (SLurl) A Little Drama, smoke, old Moody Monday
Jewellery: Mood (Website) Lost Ensemble, old MM Exclusive
Jewellery: Howear (Slurl) Loves me necklace, freebie

Poses: Status (SLurl) Bejewelled 2,3,5
Seat: Zoe's Garden (SLurl) Wagon Wheel Bench in Black & Orange (Thanks Adele!)
Lamp: Natas (SLurl) Lotus Hanging Wood Lamp
Decoration: Gauze (SLurl) Pumpkins, group gift
Decoration: Camp F (SLurl) Buck decal, 10l
Stuffed toy: Stray Pig (Website) Stray Bambi, lucky board
Curtains: Concrete Flowers (SLurl) Store curtains, 10l


Like shooting fish in a barrel (they want to swim!)

Oufit details:

Avatar: Heartsick (SLurl) Deity, Impish, Group Gift (I used my own shape)
Pants: Sweet Antidote (SLurl) Patty, Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Top: Ducknipple (SLurl) Monsterious, Pink
Eyes: Amato (SLurl) Early summer, dollarbie
Hair: Alli&Ali Designs (SLurl)  Elena, Maple, vote prize
Prop: Fire Good (SLurl) Delicious Fish Launcher, LOl hunt
Poses: Avante Poses (SLurl) Zandy ribbon 1, Katherine finale (TRPH)
Location: Through The Lens of Dreams - Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone, Art Screamer (SLurl)


Dark Mystery

Outfit details:

Avatar, clothes: Howear (old store SLurl new store SLurl) Dark Sacrifice Halloween edition, freebie at the Halloween room (teleport from the old store or lm from the new store.)
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Chukka (Thanks Pixie!)
Pose: Avante Poses (SLurl) Rex Finale Pose (TRPH)

Location: Darkness Forest (SLurl)



"Ready for anything.. I .. think."

"Friend, are you sure you want a tattoo in a place called Dirty Geisha Tattoo Parlor?"
See, not experienced with rpg's on SL. (See previous post.) Of course I got in with an OOC visitor tag. Thanks for your help and kindness Scarlet and Kiiama! I am sure I will visit the Neo Tokyo, Post Apocalyptic Dark Roleplay Sim (SLurl) a lot in the future.

Outfit details:

Dress: Malt (SLurl) Ready to Mingle Dress, Fawn
Bag (neck): Elemental Earth Designs (SLurl) Beaded Pouch, Gold and Turquoise, gatcha
Shoes: Trifoglio (SLurl) Shoes 01I
Hair: Maitreya (SLurl) Nikki, golden blonde, discount 50l
Skin: Amacci (Slurl) Katie, Nutmeg, Group Gift Twirl
Eyes: Pestle&Twig (SLurl) Black Creeper Peepers, freebie, FTLO Halloween
Poses: Avante Poses (SLurl) Rex Tai Boxer Reverse Pose, Akasha 2 Pose (TRPH)

Post Apocalyptic

I have been horribly inactive in the Second life role playing games scene. Just too busy with other things. There are some amazing sims devoted to gaming. One of them I used as the location of this shoot. They have a serious process for character creation before you get in, so I took my picture at the landing site. The images I have seen promise an amazing gaming experience though.

Location: Neo Tokyo, Post Apocalyptic Dark Roleplay Sim (SLurl)

Outfit details:

Hair: Raw House (SLurl) Angela, Silverback, fatpack, group gift
Antlers: Fire Good (SLurl) Slightly Haunted Ghost Hunter Antlers, LOL hunt
Outfit: Rotten Toe (SLurl) Rotten ballet, cheapie
Shoes: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (SLurl) Slouchy Boots, White
Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Button's ease, closing sale
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Inspired Halloween Ghosts Eyes
Hair: Raw House (SLurl) Angela, Silverback, group gift
+ A gif leather collar (has no info on maker, sorry)
Pose: Avante poses (SLurl) Sakura MVW 3, womens gifty


New edition of Prism is out, you can download it here. Visit secondpride.com for more information about Second Pride.


Ao and animation sale

As you can see from the sidebar, I am using an ao from Vista animations. I find it great quality, so I wanted to tell you about their Halloween sale. So here goes, the remaining dates.

Vista animations (SLurl)
Marketplace (Website)

Saturday, October 22 womens Perfect Lady mens The Coolest Man
Sunday October 23 womens Perfect Lady/Divine mens The Irresistible Man
Monday October 24 womens Dangerous Girl mens The Coolest/Irresistible Man Combo
Tuesday October 25 womens Sensual Woman mens Male dances pack
Wednesday October 26 womens Dangerous/Sensual mens Dangerous Man
Thursday October 27 womens Chica Boom mens Urban Male
Friday October 28 womens Dance HUD with dances mens Urban Male/Dangerous Man Combo
Saturday October  29 womens Sensual Woman (breath) mens Urban Male (breath)
Sunday October 30 womens Chica Boom breathing mens Guardian
Monday, October 31 womens Most Wanted mens Male Model Poses - Pack 2
Tuesday November 1 womens Sweet Chica mens Dance HUD (empty)

Shine on you

Outfit details:

Hair: Fri. (SLurl) Apple II, Cherry Red, 50l Fridays
Top: Tres Blah (SLurl) Polka Dot Dress, Black, 50l Fridays
(The pants of the dress made my ankles pants shaped, so I did not wear the skirt part. But love the top.)
Makeup: L.Fauna (SLurl) Lipstick, Orange, 50l Fridays
Skin: Sys Design (SLurl) Asmodee, discount
Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Brenna Boot Sand, lucky board
Skirt, stockings: House of Starlight (SLurl) Spicy outfit, free gift

Location: Crazy Diamond club (SLurl) Re-opened after hiatus

I was walking through a magic forest

Outfit details:

Outfit and basket: Miel (SLurl) Pumpkin Raider
Eyes: Rozena (SLurl) Daily eye, Meadow, gatcha 30l
Skin: Isis (SLurl) Honey, Mai, Brown Eyebrows
Shoes: Fir & Mna (SLurl) The Solas, Brown Suede
Hair: Exile (SLurl) / Savoir (SLurl) Susan, Cheyanne, freebie
Pose: Avante Poses (SLurl) Surreal3, Gifty 1

Location: Fairytale Forest (SLurl)


Relaxing day

Seat: Weekend Salvage dollarbie chair at The Cookie Jar Country Park & Village (SLurl) (Website).

Shoes: Pink Label Ltd formerly Delights by Talena (SLurl) Sonia Mocha Gold Sandals
Makeup: Filthy (SLurl) LipGloss 03, dollarbie
Eyes: Dulce Secrets (SLurl) Forest Eyes 10, Givaway madness gift
Top: Sakide (SLurl) Knit Loose Tops Red, MM-board
Skin: Mamboo Chic (SLurl) Anka, honey 01a, group gift
Hair: Alli&Ali Designs (SLurl) Helene Hair Jetblack, vote gift
Skirt: Ayla's (SLurl) Carla skirt, red, gatcha
Belts: Yasum (SLurl) Belt, jeans, female, freebie


Meeting the Headless Horseman

Halloween seems to be a very good time for the creative minds. SL has some really cool things to offer, if you know where to look.

BellPer's Haunted Island (SLurl) is a detailed and atmospheric Halloween paradise. It is spooky but not in an anxious way. I am not someone who likes too much bloody horror, so I enjoy this relaxed and charming look into what Halloween is about. The music could be more into the theme, maybe.

In my country, Finland, we do not celebrate Halloween (apart from some schools and office parties that have bought into the idea from movies and tv). I am happy to get to play with the theme in SL.

The avatar is Demoness from Howear. For a few more hours you can find it for the first day promo price 25l. If you get there late, it's still worth it, Heidi is putting gorgeous stuff up on the promo board every weekday.

Outfit details:

Avatar/outfit: Howear (SLurl) Demoness
Hair: Avatare (SLurl) Envy, black (old 60lwe
Shoes: Bootgasm (SLurl) Soho Boots, half calf collection (old 60lwe)


Happy pumpkin time

Outfit details:

Top, hat and skirt: Likka House (SLurl) Flora-halloween, group gift
Hair: Rock candy/Savoir (SLurl) Skippy Hair, Black 9, freebie
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Inspired Halloween Pumpkins Eyes
Skin: Howear (SLurl) Satu skin, Peach 5

New boyfriend: Sway's (SLurl) Scarecrow, Chestnut Hunt Gift

On a walk

Outfit details:

Jacket: Ison (SLurl) Belted cardigan, mustard, Fashionably Late (SLurl)
Top: Peqe (SLurl) Cherry, Emerald
Pants: Cool beans (SLurl) Chatty Kathy Shorts, Brown
Glasses: Cool beans: So.Faux Unisex Glasses
Shoes: Drakke (SLurl) Dakota Slouch Boot, 60l weekends (website)
Hair: Raw House (SLurl) Raquella, light brown, The Seasons Hunt (website)
Accessory: Hatpins (SLurl) Spare Parts Boutonniere, Steamp 5 hunt
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Inspired Glitter Brown Eyes
Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Tofa1, closing sale

Location: Pluto + Swayland (SLurl) Chestnut hunt




Outfit details:

Dress and shoes: Jaqueline Fashion (SLurl) Clubwear Luna Snake Leather Bundle Set with 4D heels (Thanks Jaqueline!)
Hair: (Damselfly)/Savoir hair (SLurl) Skylynn, Brown Driftwood, freebie
Eyes: Snatch (SLurl) Gloss Eyes, Bright Hazel (old product)
Bangles: Bounce (SLurl) Kai, gift
Skin: Not buttons (SLurl) Mint, closing sale
Poses: Avante poses (SLurl) Gypsie 3, C is for Carnival hunt item


Of great quality and versatile

We look for the perfect skin, the quality and attention to detail being key aspects in finding it. Add ethnic versatility in your requirements and finding the natural beautiful look becomes even more challenging.

Today my friend Flicka took me to a great store and I was immediately mesmerized by the look of the skins available. I wholeheartedly recommend you visit Angel Rock Store (SLurl) owned by Anzhela Karsin!

The work put in to making quality skins is something I think we should all appreciate. It should also show in what we are prepared to pay for a product. What I love about Angel Rock's skins is that the packages come with a lot of different make ups, each of them polished with care. For the price, you get a lot of value. It shows when a designer has a passion for making a good product.

The images here are used with the designers permission. They are taken by Anzhela Karsin and copyrighted to her brand. Thank you for respecting this.

More about an important cause

Learn about cancer

"70-80% of women with breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease. Annual checks are important. A lot can happen in just one year"! 

Making strides is a campaign against breast cancer. You can learn more about it at the SL location of American Cancer Society (SLurl)

Video stations, web terminals and notecard givers offer important information about breast cancer and cancer in general. There are several donation kiosks around.
You can find listings of events and learn about possible ways to take action.
Store owners and other business owners on SL can get a donation kiosk or a vendor to rezz at their location. Click on a pink kiosk for information.

Relay For Life Warehouse (SLurl)
Relay for life info in several languages at the SLurl.
Relay For Life International website.

Relay for life has volunteer workers at their location, happy to help with anything.


Socks on

Outfit details:

Skin: Mamboo chic (SLurl) Megan, Fair, group gift
Top: (Retrok)/Geekala (SLurl) Flux Unisex, 50l
Pants: Argyle Anonymous (SLurl) Rolled jeans polkadots, Super stripe socks, gift
Eyes: Hybrid Prod (SLurl) Blue Android, gift
Hair: (Simply Britnee)/Savoir hair (SLurl) Chef 2, Crema, free fatpack