Amarantha, the exposé. Rhinoh the Intern returns

Haunted Mansion and the Maze. Casper helps push the car. A renter complains "The landlord never fixes the lights around here. And have you SEEN the cobwebs?!"
Resident not willing to comment on the rumors that Badger Albatros is actually an escaped convict. Hazardous oversight in warning signs: skull piling allowed while local boys fear cuties. Kittycat Black modeling for Pumpkin Carver. "I definitely feel more attractive than the competition". Live performance failure: "All these tired comebacks", comments an audience member.
Wally confirms: "My owner is known as the Booing Blondie". Wiz gets into a funk: "I am emo now". Spider couple proud of their house security: "We recommend Werewolf Watch services to all property owners".
Green goo seen seeping from underground. Another city code violation? Nanny and owner of Ghost Nightcare Inc. says: "Others pale in comparison". Magic garden and a well of strawberry jam. Amarantha travel industry "looking forward to" a rush of visitors.
Local businesses tough on crime. This thieving tree was thrown to jail by the Watch. Loyal customers come back even after passing. Pink Purrr at the height of her hay days.

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