Free things for beginners

Free for newcomers, 30 days old or younger

New: Gitana's Design Studio (SLurl) Full avatar: Shape, skin, hairbase, hair, eyes, bikini, haltertop, jacket, thong, bra, avatar physics, ao, flight feather, useful information.

Really good start for someone on SL. Available for everyone, however.
Newbie gift at Elymode (SLurl)

Eyes at Poetic colors (SLurl)

Free hair of your choice at Sweet hairs (SLurl)

Free female avatar at Sassy (SLurl)

House of Starlight (SLurl) female avatar with outfit

Ivalde Vintage Fashion (SLurl) female clothes

Le Bloom (SLurl) new resident kit, under 60 days!

Treasured Cove Sculpties (SLurl) Newbie gift for under 75 days old avatars.

Apple May Designs (SLurl) has a whole room for newcomer items

Freebies for newbies vouchers from Kastle Rock Couture (SLurl) or the same sign at participating stores.

Free for everyone

Runoruno (SLurl) quality freebies wall

Full avatar at Gothica (SLurl)
Includes: Hair, Skin, Shape, Tattoo, Clothes, Necklace, Facelight, Lashes, Heels, Hat, Basic, Ao.

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Average shapes by Vaki, fp, read notecard. (SLurl)

 Damselfly Hair Salon (SLurl) hair fatpack

Elikatira (SLurl) hair fatpack called Say

 Howear (SLurl) Eyes, hat, window

 Tutu's (SLurl) free skins, ao's, clothes

L&B (SLurl) has a whole department for gothic clothes for men and women, all free. Any griefing and vampire games are forbidden in the sim, but keep an eye out for bite offers anyway.

Paris Metro (SLurl) free gifts

Fierce Island's newbie center (SLurl) has video tutorials and freebies. 

Sakide (SLurl) freebies

Lucky boards, lucky chairs, MM-boards, other lucky games

Rockberry (SLurl) lucky boards and -chair with skins

Rag dolls (SLurl) dig thru trash for free gifts. Eyes, wings, clothes etc. Lucky boards and -chairs, MM-boards and freebies around the sim.

Savoir hair (SLurl) (Website) ".. is a place for new and old players to get to know the hair designers throughout Second Life. We are a world of varying tastes and ideals so the variety of hair designers in SL offers something for everyone, from chic to avant garde. The newbie friendly layout makes it easy to find each free or $1L gifts".
Savoir hair has a female starter avatar by the lucky chairs, and a lm-list for newcomers by the main door.