Coming together

Garden City Relief of Second Life (Website) charity event (SLurl) is open until 5th of March 2011. 100% of all purchases and donations go to the cause.
"Coming together in SL to aid those in Christchurch NZ affected by the earthquake"

Here are a few pictures I took while shopping at the event.

Poses from chairs and ao (see sidebar).
Outfit details:
Skin: Mango, Mango! (SLurl) Beachand Pop! Pale. Hunt Gift, 1l
Nails: RezIpsa Loc (SLurl) Taste the Rainbow Nails
Eyes: (Evie) Pompompom (SLurl) Snowflake Queen, Lotsa Small Snowflakes
Hair: Curio (SLurl) Daisy, brown, 85l 
Dress: Slow Kitchen (SLurl) Autumn dress, 30l
Shoes: Hani (SLurl) Antique shoes, pink, gatcha
Socks: The Secret Store (SLurl) Pink wool tights 
Bracelet: North Yard Shop (SLurl), 1Prim Studded Bracelet, Black, gatcha item
Bag: Bounce (SLurl) Ethnic me

Color of my energy

Shoes: Nardcotix (SLurl) Absinthe, Dressingroom (SLurl)
Gloves: Glow Studio (Slurl) Duo Tone Classic gloves, The Dressing room
Hair and hat: Kletva (SLurl) Sable Brown, The Dressing room
Top: Les Petits Details (SLurl) Silver Minidress, Fashionhouse
Pants: Delicious designs (SLurl) Sassy Charcole Jeans, lucky board
Skin & eyebrows: HSH (SLurl) Venus, promo, Vanity universe skin fair (SLurl)
Eyes: Eureka (SLurl) Real eye, brown, Vanity universe skin fair

Carpet: Glitterati (Slurl)
Chair: Art Dummy! (Slurl) reckless hearts
Table: Izm (SLurl) Mini table white
Painting: Poppy by Ling Serenity, the Cadeling gallery (SLurl)
Poses: chair and ao (see sidebar)
Textures on floor and wall: Phoenix Textures, Bark, from USC textures (SLurl)


I should have paid attention to details more but here you go

I took part in the Anaphora Photo Contest, and now that the results were announced, I am sharing my picture here. :) Congrats to all the winners!

 Here are the outfit details:

Hair: Anaphora (SLurl) Ariel, Carnelian
Skin: Al vulo (SLurl) Eliza, bronze, gift, Vanity Skin Fair (SLurl)
Eyes: Al vulo: Vanity eyes, gift, Vanity Skin Fair
Eyebrows: Maverick design (SLurl) Wish skin, Vanity Skin Fair, Exclusive gift
Pants: Starlight's Mainstore (SLurl) Casual Elegance, Black pants
Shoes: Gitana's beautique (SLurl) Gitana's Wicked Stilettos
Top: Kis Kis (SLurl) Claudio Vest, Purple

Pose from the posestand mentioned in the sidebar.
Background: Gimp, Wikimedia, photograph taken by me


Relay For Life, on SL

Prim Perfect posted about a charity fund raising event I thought sounds interesting, here is what they said: 

"The RFLSL, now a staple of the Second Life calendar is the Second Life incarnation of the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, Relay For Life (RFL).

This year, operating under the theme ‘Seasons of Hope’ the activities will start with the kick-off ceremony on the 12th March, alongside the launch event “Fashion for Life”. 

Further information on RFL of SL can be found at the American Cancer Society website for RFLSL. There is also a Second Life wiki page with more history that some readers may find interesting".


Win some, get some for free

Just a quick post for those looking for free items.

Gillian's blog post has some links to freebies, mm's and lucky boards. And she promised to add more. You can wear your free or less than 10l outfits to the RFL Found fashion contest held at the opening party of Red river ballroom, March 13th.
Starlight's mainstore (SLurl) has lucky chairs and now she has added a MM board upstairs, by the group gifts.

I already blogged some of these in outfit posts, but here's the scoop where to find them. Free gifts from different labels at KMADD (SLurl)

CWS Fashion district (SLurl) has a new store location and some new free gifts.

Suzu's stuff and nonsense (SLurl) has a lot of freebies upstairs, mostly clothes. But what I find most interesting in the store are the kitchen and bathroom utilities. They are reasonably priced, low prim and yet have working doors, animations etc.

Tinies have their lucky chairs and freebies too, of course. Go visit Otterwise (SLurl). While tiny LR is looking at costumes, tiny Alana wants to try the piano!
Plenty more to see at Raglan shire. Tiny Alana just won a vampire hunter belt from Funny Bunny! (SLurl) Look out vampires!

Piece of candy (SLurl) still has the Blue diamond hunt going on, one linden for each diamond with a skin inside. If you are working on a low budget and want a quality skin, go take a look. And notice the free gown in the box.

Not for oil

SL residents demonstrated for peace in Libya and ending the violence, in front of the United nations building (SLurl) inworld, as Nadia Lane posted on CNN iReport.

I went to take a look at the place and saw that you can actually get inside the building and take a lift up. So I found this second floor balcony and decided to take a picture. Imagine that view being the world. I really want to tell the people of this planet that life is too fragile as it is. We should avoid violence and seek ways to make things better by peaceful means. And no country can be excused of shooting at it's citizens during peaceful demonstrations. Not for oil, not for anything.

There are still people around there, if you want to talk about the issues.


Truth or dare?

Left Alana, right Adela, front Charis


Truth (SLurl) Tilda Bangs Sandlewood
Beatnik (SLurl) Bow shirt gray
Baby Monkey (SLurl) Rosie flats
Ivalde/L'Abel (SLurl) Dinahani Gray pants, Under 30 days avatar package
Rockberry (SLurl) Antique corset, red, Happy holidays gift
Rockberry Kalista dark POE3 hunt item
Eyes2C (SLurl) Angel 24 Dark green eyes


Damselfly hair salon (SLurl) Felicity, blonde dusky blend, free gift
Marinoco fashion, new location (SLurl) (Website) Long purple skirt with a hipscarf
Baby monkey (SLurl) Salome boots
Delicious designs (SLurl) Rasberry bikini top with white mesh, lucky board
Loq (SLurl) Chinese love earrings
Mood / Trouble talks (SLurl) T2 choker, free gift
Pinkinnik (SLurl) Yoko, new years group gift
Estyle (SLurl) Emerald eyebrows
Dulce secrets (SLurl) Dream eye 24, freebies 4 newbies


Bubblez design (SLurl) Dana Outfit, new release, 75L, limited time
Maitreya (SLurl) Group Gift Pumps
Maverick design (SLurl ) Karma Ivory Natural skin
JD Design (SLurl) Black bracelet, free gift for women
Actchio (Slurl) Ladyskulls tattoo (unisex)
Elikatira (SLurl) (Website) Say, free hair fatpack

Before Sleep (SLurl) Grandpa Charlie Texture Pack Two
Moxee designs (SLurl) Cafe Chair
barbee (SLurl) (Website) Antique Small table 10l
Couverture (SLurl) Flower Cussion, yellow
Kis Kis (SLurl) Light Leafshade Lamp
Cheap Cheap (SLurl) Truth II game, box


Desolate look

Here is a nice sim project I wanted to share with you. I found it while reading this post in SLupergirls. Met one of the sim owners when I went there to look around. I'm not really much of a reporter but got some of the scoop while talking to her. :)

The Wastelands - The North Yard (SLurl) has a group of friends designing and maintaining a sim that has a dark, desolate look to it. It offers it's visitors a challenge. Look around, see if you can find some gifts and interesting items to buy? Rugged to the point of being a perfect set for a horror movie, the sim just begs to be explored. The soundscape is an excellent mix of ambient noises and what ever is going on at the neighbor sims movie screen.

The North Yard Shop (SLurl) is pretty close to the landing area. Products on sale are hidden a bit, to work with the look of the sim, so keep an eye out for things like a sculpted Fire pile, the I-beams, and 1-prim Junk walls. The shop also has a jewellery gatcha machine. The owner, Vikki Placebo, is going to have more items on sale when she is done with the designing. She has a store at the Marketplace, if that's what you prefer.

I found a freebie box at a close by stranded house. I recommend you donate a bit to the project, there's a collection plate at the church ruin a short walk away.

The neighboring sim has the Burnt Oak drive-in (SLurl). The friendly owner also put a screen towards the Wasteland sim, so they could have a secondary viewing spot if movie night got too busy. The bootleg feel of the alternative watching spot fits the project perfectly.

Outfit details:

Skin: IC Design (SLurl) Valentina, Key to my heart hunt (SLurl)
Eyes: Poetic colors at Kusshon (SLurl) Maroccan nights, dark, freebie
RezIpsa Loc (SLurl) Taste the Rainbow Nails, dollarbie
Hair/hat: Sonic Death Monkey Clothing (SLurl) Winter hat, dark blonde, His fair free gift
Tights: Slow Kitchen (SLurl) Brown tights
Skirt: Shush (SLurl) Strapped doll outfit, old hunt item for FTLO Halloween
Shoes: Before Sleep (SLurl) old hunt item from Oh Poop Hunt
Sweater: The Secret Store (SLurl) Striped sweater, Brownie, 70lTop: Poison, North Yard T-shirt from a "Free Things from the North Yard" box
Bracelet: North Yard, 1Prim Studded Bracelet, Black, gatcha item

Nala (SLurl) Tom, cheapie binoculars (lookout pose)
Poses: Estetica (SLurl) dollarbie: Zeelah
(see ao details on sidebar)


Secret no more

The Secret Store (SLurl) (Website) (Photoalbum) (Plurk) is just such a refreshing and lovely store. It's simple design highlights the items and lets their cute textures make an inpact. The freebie table has awesome quality items.

I never got the handbag fever, I don't care if a bag has a high end brand tag on it. It does not make it pretty to me. But this store has the most droolable bags, I can admit, I am addicted to them.

Wow the use of color is just gorgeous. And the boots are quite addictive, add that to my list of succumbing to feminine obsessions. ;)

Oh my poor brain. Donuts - dresses, donuts - dresses. Yum yum. Need to sit down for a bit.

Ok I mentioned purses already but one more picture won't hurt, right? And see the sweaters, so cute! And reasonably priced too.

Thank you

Thank you for accepting me as part of your community Bloggers R Us. :)


Think Babyblue

Izm (SLurl) Osare pants, LB limited
Mango Mango (SLurl) Pop Neon skin, luckyboard
Mango Mango, blue lips
Niniko (SLurl) Cotton jacket, black
UchU (SLurl) Star eyes Mikazuki, Star & Crescent moon
Secrets hair (SLurl) Deviant Hair, Punk Rock, Rainbow
Pink Fuel (SLurl) Heart Panda, shoulder
Accessory Bone (SLurl) Headset 001 Ster PC 10, gatcha
Baby Monkey (SLurl) Georgia Boots, February release

UchU (SLurl) Star Chandelier, black
Happy Mood (SLurl) Little Birds -- yellow -- type A
Lisp (SLurl) Coffee Mug Blue and book from the Bookworm set
Barbee (SLurl) Antique, Small table
Art Dummy (SLurl) Scratched Metal, Drafting Chair
USC Textures (SLurl) Rough Wood Floor
Mocha (SLurl) Wood Wallpaper Dot2, blue


So pink

Pink fuel (SLurl) has so many cute items! Cheapies, dollarbies, lucky chair, gatcha machines. I love their tiny avatars!


Lean on me

Doyle and I aren't the only stars of this post. Notice my pet shark Hank! He rules my house right now. (It's SL, so he is fine on dry land.)

I have been doing a lot of shop hopping for the blog and now that I am posting for men too, Doyle has been looking at stores and events.

The pose came as a Valentines free gift for the Glitterati (SLurl) group members. It's called "Lean on you" and also comes as a girl+girl version.

Outfit details:


Black Opal (SLurl) Steampunk formal suit green, socks, free gift for men
Fir & Mina (SLurl) Loafers, MENstuff (Website)
FIR (SLurl) Shamrock wristband, KMADD City Exclusive gift (SLurl)
MADesigns (SLurl) Promise eyes, pale brown, KMADD City Exclusive gift
Connors (SLurl) Aloha! American Noise, KMADD City Exclusive gift
Wilson's (SLurl) Dark brown jeans, His fair free gift (SLurl)
Sonic Death Monkey Clothing (SLurl) Winter hat, dark blonde, His fair free gift
ODB (SLurl) Do I look like a clown, teeshirt, His fair free gift
Tellaq (SLurl) Andre skin style 6, shape (edited)


Raw House (SLurl) Evelyn Razorbangs hair, Blood, Chic limited (SLurl)
Dillydolls (SLurl) Oops Cupid! Top, Pink, Chic limited
Bounce (SLurl) Bolero, Wool, Noir, Chic limited
Line (SLurl) NW Chucks, TaZ, The Valentine Diva hunt (Website)
Ancayi (SLurl) Valentine leggings, The Valentine Diva hunt
Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl) Oh So Pretty Dress Red, top, The Valentine Diva hunt
MU.shop (SLurl) !MU Genki eyes
Garded secret (SLurl) Smoking gun tan skin
Shape, my own