Lean on me

Doyle and I aren't the only stars of this post. Notice my pet shark Hank! He rules my house right now. (It's SL, so he is fine on dry land.)

I have been doing a lot of shop hopping for the blog and now that I am posting for men too, Doyle has been looking at stores and events.

The pose came as a Valentines free gift for the Glitterati (SLurl) group members. It's called "Lean on you" and also comes as a girl+girl version.

Outfit details:


Black Opal (SLurl) Steampunk formal suit green, socks, free gift for men
Fir & Mina (SLurl) Loafers, MENstuff (Website)
FIR (SLurl) Shamrock wristband, KMADD City Exclusive gift (SLurl)
MADesigns (SLurl) Promise eyes, pale brown, KMADD City Exclusive gift
Connors (SLurl) Aloha! American Noise, KMADD City Exclusive gift
Wilson's (SLurl) Dark brown jeans, His fair free gift (SLurl)
Sonic Death Monkey Clothing (SLurl) Winter hat, dark blonde, His fair free gift
ODB (SLurl) Do I look like a clown, teeshirt, His fair free gift
Tellaq (SLurl) Andre skin style 6, shape (edited)


Raw House (SLurl) Evelyn Razorbangs hair, Blood, Chic limited (SLurl)
Dillydolls (SLurl) Oops Cupid! Top, Pink, Chic limited
Bounce (SLurl) Bolero, Wool, Noir, Chic limited
Line (SLurl) NW Chucks, TaZ, The Valentine Diva hunt (Website)
Ancayi (SLurl) Valentine leggings, The Valentine Diva hunt
Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl) Oh So Pretty Dress Red, top, The Valentine Diva hunt
MU.shop (SLurl) !MU Genki eyes
Garded secret (SLurl) Smoking gun tan skin
Shape, my own

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