Mardi gras magic

I did a photo shoot with my gorgeous friend Starlight, who designs these very unique, amazing clothes. I just love how this outfit is so festive, yet looks so down to earth and natural.

The outfit is called Eagless and you will find it in Starlight's Mainstore (SLurl). It comes with the hair, hair feathers, mask and wings. The clothes from Starlight's store have a resize option or she will give you one if it is missing. She also has some useful tips on the notecard that comes with the outfit. Her outfits are really reasonably priced, so you can find a special style within a modest budget.

I love it when the designer herself poses for the pictures. There is this creative aspect in people that just intrigues me, and you can see how they imagine their design work coming to life.

For background and pose info, see sidebar.

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