Secret no more

The Secret Store (SLurl) (Website) (Photoalbum) (Plurk) is just such a refreshing and lovely store. It's simple design highlights the items and lets their cute textures make an inpact. The freebie table has awesome quality items.

I never got the handbag fever, I don't care if a bag has a high end brand tag on it. It does not make it pretty to me. But this store has the most droolable bags, I can admit, I am addicted to them.

Wow the use of color is just gorgeous. And the boots are quite addictive, add that to my list of succumbing to feminine obsessions. ;)

Oh my poor brain. Donuts - dresses, donuts - dresses. Yum yum. Need to sit down for a bit.

Ok I mentioned purses already but one more picture won't hurt, right? And see the sweaters, so cute! And reasonably priced too.

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