Ice age

Outfit details:

Outfit: Howear (SLurl) Frosted tan purple (25l today)
Shoes: Duce (SLurl) Fuggly's, brown (25l today) (Howear board)
Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Frida, passion tan, group gift
Eyes: Redgrave (SLurl) Avie, Air
Hair: Analog dog (SLurl) Lemon, Cafe (medium pack, 25l)

Location: Leroy (SLurl)



Outfit details:

Hat: The Mad Hattery (SLurl) Classic Wonderland Hat in Circle Print & Teal, sale
Top: Cannibelle (SLurl) Claudine Lingerie, Black, sale
Tattoo: Cannibelle: Efa, Faded Ink, sale
Skin: House of Starlight (SLurl) Adrianne skin (and shape), sale
Shape: My own, not available
Shoes: Sweet Antidote (SLurl) Anyalia, brown, sale
Belt: Ingenue (SLurl) Bertille Belt, mesh, Coffee, 50l Fridays
Skirt: Mocha (SLurl) Chopped Chocolate, Brown, 50l Fridays
Hair: Lamb (SLurl) Isolation, Honeycomb Roots, 50l Fridays
Eyes: Ibanez (Group)  Liquid Eyes, Dire Wolf, group gift

Seat: Artilleri (SLurl) Polly chair, polkadot orange, 50l Fridays

Shopping is what I do most days on SL, but not in such a marathon way as today, as SL is full of sales for Black friday. So here is my best of list, enjoy.

The Mad Hattery (SLurl) always has great hats and reasonable prizes. But now 8 of the hats are on mad Black Friday sale at 25l until middnight tomorrow! Eep! I got five sets. Plus some for friends, hehe.

House of Starlight (SLurl) has everything -50% until the end of the year! Starlight is a talented designer friend of mine. Her gowns are to die for.

Sweet Antidote (SLurl) has several outfits on sale, at least -50%, until sunday. Most outfits seemed to have at least one color option on sale.

Cannibelle (SLurl) has a Black Friday sale. 20l items on the sale wall and certain color options among regular products.


Dancer in the park

Something I would really like to do in rl one day, dancing in a New York park.

Outfit details:

Hair: Diva (SLurl) Type A, Mercury, DIMH3 (Website)
Shoes: Pixel Mode (Website) Baby T's Plain 2.0, Snow, Group Subscriber Gift May 30 2011
Skin: Lelutka (SLurl) Hadley, Mocha, DB, Group Gift
Dress: Jazmyn D (SLurl) Prim & Proper, DIMH3
Eyes: Red Mint (SLurl) No.21
Animation: Akeyo (SLurl) Ben 7 Dance, DIMH3

Location: Battery Park - New York City (SLurl)


The Akeyo set of animations for DIMH3 is awesome! I wanted to keep dancing ballet, the animation is just so smooth and lovely.

Outfit details:

Deco (SLurl) Mesh Trophy Cap, November 2011 Group gift
Skin: Dutch Touch (SLurl) Jolie V2 Olive, Eagle CL1 EBBlack
with Jolie V2 Beautymarks Moles and Freckles (face)
Skirt: Paper doll (SLurl) Emma, Secret Garden
Top: RunoRuno (SLurl) James
Shoes: Howear (SLurl) Poh'Nah Boots, Thanksgiving sale today
Pants: Sakide (SLurl) Shredded Leggings, Blood
Eyes: Red Mint (SLurl) No.21
Animation: Akeyo (SLurl) Nina6 Dance, Diamond is Mine Hunt 3, DIMH3 (Website)

Location: Exploratorium (SLurl) Newton's Cannon


Pale sunlight

Yay, finally a post with mesh items among the listed. (Can now see it on my Ubuntu Linux, v2).

Outfit details:

Cardigan: Doppelganger Inc. (SLurl) Wrapped Cardigan, Yellow, Lucky Chair
Skirt: Ingenue (SLurl) Renata, Aqua, Mesh, Project Themeory
Hair: Emotions (SLurl) Sugar, Diamond is mine 3 hunt (Website)
Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Giulia, Malice, DIM3
Eyes: Jaqueline's (SLurl) Brown eyes from Almira Medium full avatar -pack
Earrings: Eluzion (SLurl) Bethsasha, gift
Shoes: Gos (SLurl) Mesh Wellingtons in Aubergine v1.0
Socks: Cilian'gel (SLurl) Got Silk Stockings? Cilian'gel 1920's, Vintage fair gift


Belle at the Beach

Outfit details:

Bikini: Alexohol  (SLurl) Old Sunkist Yellow/White, Vintage fair, freebie
Skin: Dutch Touch (SLurl) Jolie V2 Cocoa, Kiss me CL1, EB, Black
Necklace: Croire (SLurl) Pop portrait pendant 9
Shoes: Bubble (SLurl) Salmon Velvet Flats, gatcha 35l
Hair: Kyoko's Hair Shop (SLurl) for Savoir (SLurl) White Well 101, brown
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Realistic eyes, blue

Prop: Zoe's Garden (SLurl) Cuddle Seashell, (Pack also includes: Palm Tree & Firepit).
Pose is from AO (see sidebar) because prop is for two people.

Vintage vanity

Outfit details

Jacket: Atomic (SLurl) Cozy Cardi, Dirt
Hat: Star Child (SLurl) Fedora, Brown, Vintage fair
Jewelry: Caroline's Jewelry (SLurl) Simple Pearl Drop Set in White, Vintage fair
Shoes: Pixel Mode (SLurl) Luna, Leopard, Group Gift
Skin: Glam Affair (SLurl) Gio, Natural, Fall/Winter
Hair: Pocket Mirrors (SLurl) for Savoir (SLurl) Grace Updo Brick, freebie
Top: JustB (Website) Cotton Crochet top, Mustard
Pants: Sys Design (SLurl) Mx, unisex, freebie
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Realistic eyes, Green/brown

Location: The Forgotton House, Samandiriel (SLurl)


Mirror mirror on the wall

Our talented contributor Viviana Avedon, "Vivi" is back with this amazing photo story, where she shows off her great fashion sense as well as her building skills. Vivi took the photographs and did the styling and modeling as well. Enjoy!

Vivi gets ready to go out. Brushing her hair and thinking about what to wear.
Vivi walks to her magic mirror and looks deeply into it
She thinks about an outfit for the evening and watches it appear. A pink top maybe?
Maybe this coral top would be better?
I could wear blue
Or a light lemon
I think I will wear this one during the day
And tonight I will wear this sexy black
Vivi did a photo shoot of one of her favorite outfits in a Movie type stage setup and using "Magic Mirror" that she created herself.
These images were created inworld, without image manipulation programs.

Hair: Sweet Hair (SLurl) Kimberly, L, 05FB
Shape: Vivi uses her own shape ( not for sale )
Tattoo: Endless (Marketplace) Floral tattoo, freebie
Eyes: X Line Eyes (SLurl) Violet Brown
Earrings: Misha (SLurl) 3-Hoop in Radiant Gold
Skin: Dutch Touch (SLurl) Keira Cream, Dawn, CL2 EBblond FR HB
Eyebrowshape: Dutch Touch, Keira, EBBlack/Brown/Blond
Pose and animations: Vista animations (SLurl) Chica boom AO, HUD 3.9b

Outfit:  Edelfabrik (SLurl) (Website) JayBee Dos
Tops: Edelfabrik: Awesome Addiction, black, blue, coral, lemon, pink
Lingerie: Insolence (SLurl) Salome Cream Sheer Basque top, Salome Cream sheer panties


Fair lady

Outfit details:

Hat: Sway's (SLurl) Summerhat, Vintage Fair (SLurl) Gift
Shoes: DNR (SLurl)  Vintage Vivian Pumps in Black, VF, Gift
Top, Jacket, jeans, belt: Howear (SLurl) Hot Mess, pink, 25l today
Hair: Rock Candy (SLurl) Pru hair, Orange Highlighted, freebie fp
Skin: Mamboo Chic (SLurl) Megan, fair, Group gift
Eyes: Hoot (no store atm) Biosynthe Eyes, Star Gazer

Location: Flotsam Beach (SLurl)


Black or white

Outfit details:

Top: Pestle & Twig (SLurl) Black Roses (75l)
Pants: Sakide (SLurl) Acidulous Leather Pants, White, skinny or flare cuffs (100l)
Shoes: Duce (SLurl) Intruders, color change, 25l today (On the Howear promo board)
Skin: Essences (SLurl) Navaeh skin for Fashionably Late
Hair: Red Queen (SLurl) Fire, v.o1, Soil - Sterling (99l) sale
Eyes: House of Starlight (SLurl) Wet realistic eyes
Underpants: Edelfabrik (SLurl) HotPants, black, Sweet Seduction
Bangles: The Dressing Room (SLurl) Cards, black, special

Location: Midian City (SLurl) Dark rpg community

Tinies make a Big Glamorous Splash

Every year designers from The Raglan Shire gather to show their latest in winter gear and haute couture collections at the Raglan Fashion Show.

Designer Dagmar Klaar  built this amazing set for the fashion show that gathered over 180 000 linden dollars for the Shire. The set has so many gorgeous details and awesome building tricks, I could spend ages looking around. It was made for just this event but luckily Da Frog tp'd me in before it was burned down in a very fun tiny tradition. ;)

Here is an amazing collection of pictures taken from the event by the participants. To see what the tinies are upto, take a look at their event calendar.

Here are some shots I got after the event was over and we were having a last look at the beautiful surroundings.

(Click images for a closer look)

Vivi's Picture Story

The awesome Vivi modeled for me in an earlier post. She is back and this time she took her own pictures! I love what she did, I am sure you all will too. :)

So tired of parties
Breaking up is hard to do
I am so dead tired. I need more rest.
I don't feel like going out.
Maybe I should buy a table
All my friends are off-line
It's one of those days
I guess it could be worse
Or maybe not
Thanks for listening. It helped a lot.

Outfit details:

Outfit: Edelfabrik (SLurl) (Website) Just awesome! freebie
Hair: Sweet hair (SLurl) Kimberly, L, 05FB
Eyes: X Line Eyes (SLurl) Violet Brown
Skin: Dutch Touch (SLurl) Keira Cream, Dawn
Poses from the furniture.
The building, chair,  and BR FeelCube are created by Jojo Runo of Burned Rice Store at Akasha (SLurl) (Runoruno)

Photography and modeling: Viviana Avedon "Vivi"
Vivi uses her own shape


Web of couture

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Chen Blackpearl, Choco, group gift
Dress: Paris Metro (SLurl) Kiss of the Spider Woman, Boo-tiful Disaster hunt
Shoes: Neus Magic Designs (SLurl) Black Valentine, lucky chair
Hair: Red Queen (SLurl) Envy, Onyx-Cherry, sale 99l
Eyes A.D.D. Andel (Website) Sand Dune


Demon sparkle

Outfit details:

Hair: Emotions (SLurl) Cybermoon, Ashblack, gift
Dress: Roots (SLurl) 00D10018
Eyes: Red Mint (SLurl) nr26, 50l

Shoes: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Fansara Boots (Thanks Pixie!)
(Baby Monkey shoes now have a hud making all color choices available. Will show you more options later, as for this post the all black version worked best.)

Skin: Howear (SLurl) Madusa skin, dark with sparkles, discontinued outfit pack
(A similar skin item recently in this post, Howear Demoness outfit, new skin).

Pose: Avante Poses (SLurl) Akasha 1 Pose (TRPH)

Birds of Paradise

Outfit details:

Skin: Katsucide (SLurl) Laura, Winter, Light, Grunge Soul Project (SLurl)
Top: Katsucide: Dotted Babydoll, Black, dollarbie, GSP
Shoes: Death Row Designs (SLurl) Lazyboot Bootcut version, GSP
Leggings: Jack Spoon (SLurl) Bela, blue, cheapie
Eyes: Red Mint (SLurl) nr26, 50l
Hair: Emotions (SLurl) Claire, Red, gift
Skirt: Vels Gothic Boutique (SLurl) Frills Licorice, Black Cat, Gift

Pose: Avante Poses (SLurl) Zandy Ribbon 2 Pose (TRPH)

Location: Indigo Aviary (SLurl)