Tinies make a Big Glamorous Splash

Every year designers from The Raglan Shire gather to show their latest in winter gear and haute couture collections at the Raglan Fashion Show.

Designer Dagmar Klaar  built this amazing set for the fashion show that gathered over 180 000 linden dollars for the Shire. The set has so many gorgeous details and awesome building tricks, I could spend ages looking around. It was made for just this event but luckily Da Frog tp'd me in before it was burned down in a very fun tiny tradition. ;)

Here is an amazing collection of pictures taken from the event by the participants. To see what the tinies are upto, take a look at their event calendar.

Here are some shots I got after the event was over and we were having a last look at the beautiful surroundings.

(Click images for a closer look)

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