The Akeyo set of animations for DIMH3 is awesome! I wanted to keep dancing ballet, the animation is just so smooth and lovely.

Outfit details:

Deco (SLurl) Mesh Trophy Cap, November 2011 Group gift
Skin: Dutch Touch (SLurl) Jolie V2 Olive, Eagle CL1 EBBlack
with Jolie V2 Beautymarks Moles and Freckles (face)
Skirt: Paper doll (SLurl) Emma, Secret Garden
Top: RunoRuno (SLurl) James
Shoes: Howear (SLurl) Poh'Nah Boots, Thanksgiving sale today
Pants: Sakide (SLurl) Shredded Leggings, Blood
Eyes: Red Mint (SLurl) No.21
Animation: Akeyo (SLurl) Nina6 Dance, Diamond is Mine Hunt 3, DIMH3 (Website)

Location: Exploratorium (SLurl) Newton's Cannon

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