Waving goodbye

Outfit details:

Boots: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Swann (Thanks Pixie!)
Skin: Garded Secret (SLurl) Temptation, Dark Bronze Lavender Shine NCLFM
Necklace: Virtual Impressions (SLurl) Cherish, Silver, Blue Topaz and Diamonds, Gift
Hair: Heart Softens (SLurl) Klin, Latte, cheapie
Jacket: 1 Hundred (SLurl) Pullover Hoodie (Tube top not shown), WTC hunt (Website)
Top: The Sea Hole (SLurl) Studded Tank Top, Lilac (Seasons gatcha)
Pants: MGS (SLurl) High waist balloon short pants, check gray, cheapie
Eyes: Ibanez (SLurl) Aqua Glow, Blue Crab, new release gift

Pose: Pose: Bingo (SLurl) Arale Ncha

Location: Marrowstone Island (SLurl)


Futuristic fantasy

Here is a great hair store that has both fantastic fantasy hairdo's and a huge selection of good quality natural hairstyles.

SL Fusion showcasing 4 New Releases by Tukinowaguma Hair Style in Second Life
I was wearing my favorite skin once again, you have seen it before if you read my blog regularly. I try to have new things in every post, but sometimes it just feels better to be in your own skin. :)

Outfit details:

Hair: Tukinowaguma (SLurl) Aurora Brown
Skin and eyebrows: AMD (SLurl) Gaia, Carmel
Dress: Astarte Moonites (Marketplace) Countess of Blood (39l)
Eyes: Ibanez (SLurl) Aqua Glow, Blue Crab, new release gift


When we wake up we forget the words

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Nana, Soul of angel, cleavage, milk, Group gift
Jacket, belt, top: Mayden Couture (SLurl) Ewa, WTC hunt (Website)
Hair: ChiChickie (SLurl) Isabella, Black, Scripted (Hair fair 2010 gift box sold at store)
Jewelery: ChiChickie: Gem Flower necklace and earrings (Hair fair 2010)
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep Eyes, Gold (30l for 4pack)
Pants: House of Starlight (Marketplace) Glitch pants from Gothic leather outfit

Bed: Lok's Low prim furniture (SLurl) Sweet Music Cuddle Bed, WTC Hunt
Bench & Pose: Angie's Home Interiors (SLurl) Lazy Days Patchwork Bench Purple, The Seasons Gatcha (SLurl)
Painting: Fashionably dead (SLurl) Indoor Days, Tired Tea, The Seasons Gatcha
Textures: USC texture tomb (SLurl) Picture rail walls, #4
Phoenix textures (at USC): Planks 1A, #1


She’s a devil in a Sunday hat

Outfit details:

Eyeshadow: Lolapop (SLurl) La Llorona, rainbow, Gift
Hat: Whims & Wishes (SLurl) Skulls 'n Bones
Dress: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) Miss Zebra, (pack had Leo dress too), VIP gift
Boots: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Delia (Thanks Pixie!)
Hair: Wildo (SLurl) Hair1, Gift
Wings: Wildo (SLurl) Hallow, Gift
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep Eyes, Blueish Green (30l for 4pack)
Skin: ChiChickie (SLurl) Azalea, Exclusive by KRB Skins (SLurl), Gift

Pose: Bingo (SLurl) Bingo Arale Kiiiin

Locations: Toxian city (SLurl) is a dark urban live action role playing game (LARP) built within Second Life.


Looking for inspiration

USC Texture Tomb & Texture Sim (SLurl) celebrates Chinese new year with some gorgeous new textures and sales, remember the hunts, too. If you are looking for inspiration, start there.


Beautiful South

Outfit details:

Necklace: Aidoru (SLurl) Venus necklace gbf, low lag hud, new release (Thanks Jara!)
Skin: ChiChickie (SLurl) Azalea, Exclusive by KRB Skins (SLurl), Gift
Earrings: Beauty Code (SLurl) Clef, Black, WTC hunt (Website)
Dress: Velvetrythms (SLurl) Kalapee Rose, lenght options, shoes, WTC hunt
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep Eyes, Blueish Green (30l for 4pack)
Hair: Wildo (SLurl) Comori, Gift

Pose: The Muse Poses (SLurl) Ece Skate 03, Winter fair gift

Location: Houmas House, Spirit Oaks (SLurl)

This plantation was build with great attention to detail, as a great tribute to the real Houmas House and plantation, in Louisiana, US. You can find the story behind the virtual location by clicking a sign for a notecard. Rooms in the house have pineapples, which contain more detailed information. And while doing a quick search online, I found this amazing video of a tour guide giving the guests an experience, in the real life house.

Wings of steel

Another club I just found, really cool place! Steel Wings Rock Club (SLurl)

Open Every Saturday Night, Dancing and Contests

Heavy Rock Music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Classic, Alternative, Modern, Metal. Upbeat Fun, Contests, ACDC/ Led Zeppelin/ Bon jovi / Metallica / The Who/ Jim Hendrix / Eric Clapton / U2/ Nickelback / Breaking Benjiman / Evanesance / Foo Fighters / Poison / Guns and Roses / Def Lepard / Stones / Wolfmother / Ozzy / Boston / Van Halen / Chickenfoot / Eric Clapton....The best in rock


Rust and rock

Outfit details:

Skin: Filthy (SLurl) Ludicia Spc Tan, TTB 3rd ed. (SLurl)
Hair accessory: Wildo (SLurl) Dahlia02L, closing sale, everything 39l until Jan29th.
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Mesh GG Brown/purple, Group gift
Ring: Two Sisters Treasures (SLurl) Just Dangerous Garnet Ring
Shoes: N-core (SLurl) Eclipse, Brown Edition, Group Gift
Bag: Tulip (SLurl) Breakable, Brown, The Seasons Gatcha (SLurl)
Eyes: ID (SLurl) Snowfall Eyes, Blue, Seasons gatcha
Outfit: Sassy (SLurl) Rock me, WTC hunt (Website)

Pose: Bingo (SLurl) Arale Hoyo

Location: Splintered Rock (SLurl) is a Science Fiction spice mining outpost on a desert world.

N-Core and Hucci, winter photo contest

 Another competition for ya guys:

N-Core and Hucci, two of the sexiest brands in Second Life have collaborated again to bring you an exciting winter photo contest! Hucci and N-Core are giving away a total of L$50,000 in cash! We are looking for photos that have a sexy fashion look.  We are looking for pictures that capture the essence of both brands, something vibrant, fun and sexy.

Grand Prize
L$ 25,000 Cash
Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores

Second Place
L$15,000 Cash
Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores

Third Place
L$ 10,000 Cash
Photo displayed in both Hucci and N-Core Stores

Previous Winners

* Products from both brands must be visible on the avatar in the image.
* Pictures must be posted to Flickr, tagged N-CoreHucci2012, and added to both the N-Core Official Flickr Group and the Hucci Flickr Group.
* Only the avatar posting the picture will be paid the prize. We will only pay one avatar, if you are splitting the prize that is your responsibility.
* You agree that your image may be displayed at N-Core and Hucci Stores.
* Entries accepted from January 8, 2012 until February 8, 2012.
* You must be searchable in Second Life Search so we can contact you.

Eligible products

HUCCI                                     N-CORE

* Kryptonite Dress                * N-core "Posion"
* Malaysia Dress                   * N-core "Ultraplatform"
* Ladder Dress                      * N-core "Coquette"
* H.B.W. Dress                      * N-core "Coquette Glitter Edition"
* Mid V Cuts Dress               * N-core "Casting"
* Hucci Block Dress              * N-core "Chance"
* Skyline Dress                      * N-core "Etoile"
* LS Lace Dress                     * N-core "Femme"
* V Sequin Dress                   * Any New Releases until Contest Ends   
* LaSalle Dress
* D’Ann Accessories
* Any New Releases until Contest Ends       

Post processing of images allowed, but please no morphs. We want to see beautiful Second Life avatars
Previous Contest Winners are not eligible
Make sure you tag the images N-CoreHucci2012 or they won’t be eligible
Submissions via Second Life will not be accepted
You can wear other content creator items but the focus should be Hucci and N-Core products

Winners will be announced by February 15, 2012 in both the N-Core and Hucci update groups  via notecard, on Flickr, and blogged on the Hucci Website.

Flickr Groups


N-Core (SLurl)
Hucci (SLurl)

SwayLand Winter Photo Contest 2012

 I thought you might be interested in this competition:

SwayLand Winter Photo Contest
Pic (c) Sway Dench

Who shoots the most beautiful photo on SwayLand?


Jury Award
3000L$ cash
Store cards from the SwayLand stores worth over 5000L$
Personal photo shooting by Cicciuzzo Gausman
People Choice Award
1000L$ cash
Store cards from the SwayLand stores worth over 2500L$

The Winner will be announced on Flickr, Plurk, Sway's blog and
on the SwayLand sim.

- The photo must be taken on the SwayLand Sim
- Picture has to be full permission
- Photo aspect ratio must be quadratic (1:1)
- Size must be at least 500x500
- Only one entry per person
- Photo must be sent in before FEBRUARY 3rd 2012
- Photos may be edited with photo editing software
- Photos must be PG!

Touch the contest sign at SwayLand to get the Notecard,
fill it and add your photo. Send it to Sway Dench (inworld)
Name your Photo: SwayLand WPC 'YOUR NAME'
(no display name please - your inworld username)

We will have an open voting for the People Choice Award
at the SwayLand Park on February 5th 2012

Judges for the Jury Award are:
Sway Dench
CROSS Jupiter
noni Troncon
Cicciuzzo Gausman
Ephedra Loon
Shinichi Mathy

Please share your Photo in the SwayLand Flickr group
(tag your Photo with 'SwayLand' and 'Photo Contest')
good luck :)

Auction Date to fund a Virtual Relationship Book

 I got this message from a friend and promised to pass it on. Fun event coming up! Tell your friends! :)


We are having a fund raiser activity for the Kicstarter Publishing Project for the "Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" at the 'O' Lounge sim


So we are looking for the most desired lasses & lads for the auction. A virtual relationships Auction Date to fund a Virtual Relationship Book!

If you are that desired commodity and can come up with a lovely idea and speill to say in voice on the stage what you would do if they buy the date with you...  The winning bid will be split  1/2 going to the project and 1/2 going to the giver of the date. So if you sell for $5000 lindens you will get $2500 lindens and the project will get the same. You then can follow thru on such promises as...

"IF you win me for our date I will buy you a scuba divers outfit then you and I will go out and I will teach you to scuba dive at the costa rica sim." or "If you buy me I will take you shopping for a new outfit and then we will go dancing."

If you would like to be auctioned off at this halirious event, please send a notecard with pic and what YOU would offer for the date.

You will be notified of your selection within 3 days.

Woot.. We are going to have so much fun. Yossel and I most likely will fight constantly trying to take bids and raise the price... so save up.

Send notecard to Pamala Clift.

The tentative day is noon SLT Jan 28th Sat.for the auction!!


Storybook lovely

The Seasons Gatcha (SLurl) event is full of beautiful items, prized quite fairly. The look of this winter cove is lovely. Storybook lovely.

The dress for Where is the Concert hunt, by Snowpaws, is really beautiful. The name fits it well, it looks poetic and dreamy. I liked trying on a new shape for once. As you know, I normally use my own for posts. The Diva shape works nicely with the skin.

Outfit details:

Boots: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Lainie Suede Ankle Boots (Thanks Pixie!)
Skin:  Tres Blah (SLurl) Flushed, LS, light brows, Seasons gatcha
Eyes: ID (SLurl) Snowfall Eyes, Blue, Seasons gatcha
Shape: Diva Shapes (SLurl) Hunt: Normal, Where Is The Concert? Hunt (Website)
Dress: Snowpaws (SLurl) Watercolor Lyric, Where Is The Concert? Hunt
Hair: Point B (SLurl) (Analog Dog) Quest, Raw honey, Holiday Gift

Pose (pic2): Adorkable Poses (SLurl) Frosty 5, Seasons gatcha
(pic1 pose from ao)
Case: Lisp (SLurl) Boom Box Case with sits for 2, Shabby Yellow, Seasons gatcha


Dance to the beat

Went to check out the reopened In2it (SLurl), one of my favorite clubs on SL. And it is awesome! There are games, shops and tons of space for dancing. Oh and really cool dj's, hosts and managers. Or wardens, guards and their managers, as they are called. This is a prison you would not mind spending a lot of time in.

Outfit details:

Skirt and tie: Howear (SLurl) P is for Pet, cherry (25l for Monday)
Eyes: Ibanez (SLurl) Aqua Glow, Lemon Shark, new release gift
Skin: Garded Secret (SLurl) Temptation, Bronze Nude Shine, CLFM
Hair:  Fashionably Dead (SLurl) Flowers, Grayscale 4
Corset and stockings: Black Arts (SLurl) Devia
Boots: Jaqueline's (SLurl) 4D Boots, CLeo Multi with Jewellery (Thanks, Jaqueline!)



Outfit details:

Eyes: YS&YS (SLurl) Magnetic Ice, TDR (SLurl)
Top: Echo (SLurl) Adagio, Purple
Skirt and gloves: House of Starlight (Marketplace) Skater outfit
Hair: Clawtooth (SLurl) Summer Break, Girl Next Door, (2pack/50l)
Skin: Modish (SLurl) Beath Me Pale, Holidays, CHS gift
Ears, hooves and antlers: Grendel's Children (Website) Satyr V.4 Female, White, holiday gift

Pose prop: Frooti (SLurl) Get Yer Skates On

Location: The Bondar-Foehammer Aerosteam Company (SLurl)


Sea salt in the wind

Outfit details:

Skin: Garded Secret (SLurl) Temptation, Fair Coral Shine, CLNN (50l each for the evening still, sl time)
Shoes: Sakide (SLurl) Ugg Snow Boots, Black
Pants: Iren (SLurl) Casualize High Waist Jeans,  black
Jacket: Willow at Tableau (SLurl) Beaded Cardigan, Mud Pie, freebie
Top: Edelfabrik (SLurl) Wrap Top "Sweet Seduction", black
Eyes: Tres Blah (Website) at Tableau: Jejune, Dark Brown
Hair: Alice Project (SLurl) Wonderland II, Mega Pack (100l)


Dark fairy

Outfit details:

Shoes: Duce (SLurl) Classy Chrome (25l today on Howear new release board next door!)
Earrings: Eluzion (SLurl) Jesselle, gift
Jacket: Kyoot (SLurl) Deconstructed Socialite (50l)
Skirt: Black Arts (SLurl) Vega, Satin and Lace Gothic Dress
Eyes: Ibanez (SLurl) Aqua Glow, Wakame, new release group gift
Pants: Cannibelle (SLurl) Donna Leggings, gift
Hair: Exile (Website) Pulse, Raven, Sin, holiday group gift
Skin: Laq (Website) Ebba, Cocoa (LB), Christmas Group Gift 2011

Location:  A Dark Fairies Dream (SLurl)

Remember to join the group at Duce (SLurl), for extra colors (wait for notices) and other benefits. And pick up the free gift!


Buttons and boots

Outfit details:

Skin: Modish (SLurl) Soin Tou Whiz Hunt (found via Olela Alert)
Jacket: Teefy (SLurl) Buttoned Short Jacket
Shoes: Ninu (SLurl) Apache boots, subscribo gift
Bracelet: Aidoru (SLurl) Neko kid safetypin, dollarbie
Pants: Kyoot (SLurl) Cuffed Pantaloons, Chocolate (50l)
Bag: Priss (SLurl) Ereenu, Oversized Clutch, Store Gift
Hair and hat: Point B (SLurl) (Analog Dog) Washu, Sangria, Point B, Holiday Gift
Eyes: Bubble (SLurl) Mystical, Golden Dust (45l)

Pose: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) Full Perm Model Poses, 4 (Pay what you want)

Location: Risk City (SLurl) Art and mysteries

Purple play

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Nana, Soul of angel milk, group gift
Eyes: VLC (SLurl) Raven, Purple
Tattoo: Cannibelle (SLurl) Aadita, Henna, Faded (Bollywood inspired, pack has ink versions too) (Thanks Annabelle!)
Lingerie: Cannibelle: Harpreet, Purple (Thanks Annabelle!)
Hair: Alice Project (SLurl) Meiya, purple (megapack of colors and tip colors script, 100l)
Boots: Jaqueline's (SLurl) 4D, Xena, overview below (Thanks Jaqueline!)

Only 1 Script control all functions!
Resize, change Colours of all Shoe Parts (predefined and RGB), change Textures with RGB and 4 Save Slots, change Jewellry, Footstep Sound on/ off, Shiny on/off, Cuffsa on/off, Darker on/off and much more..
2. Control all Parts - Millions of Combinations!
Change Colours of every part of the Shoes. The Multicolour Version includes 10 Leather Texture Colours and a RGB Colour Changer for 4 base Textures. You have 4 Save Slots to save your favorite colours!
3. A lot of Functions!
You can control by on / off the Cuffs, Gloss, Sound, Darker
4. Jewellry with Bling!
Chains on/off, Jewellry on/off, all Shiny Levels, 3 different Blings with off, 4 different Metalls, 16 diamond colours
5. HUD in 3 Languages
german, portugese and english


Bamboo beach

Outfit details:

Eyes: YS&YS (SLurl) Magnetic Green, TDR (SLurl)
Top: Sweet Antidote (SLurl) Zacht, blue, You&me hunt
Pants: Happy (SLurl) Argyle Tights (Le.look)
Accessory: Tiny Bird (Marketplace) Bobbypin (mouth), Love you more, old 50l Fridays
Hair: Clawtooth (SLurl)  Coffee with cream, Sounds of Silence 2 Pack 50L
Skin: KRB (SLurl) Jamie 8 Espresso MC/B
Shoes: WCI (Marketplace) Barbed, Brown, dollarbie

Pose prop: Hanaya (SLurl) Bamboo Fountain, January 2012 Group Gift

Ps. Too bad 50l Fridays is now over for good, it was an awesome event full of great items by talented designers. Best of luck in future to all the creative minds behind the event!


Through the heart

Outfit details:

Dress: Paris Metro Couture (SLurl) Arabian Magic, Charcoal (Thanks, Kalli!)
Hair: Clawtooth (SLurl) Glowing Review Redux, Red eye flight, 50lF
Skin: Glam Affair (SLurl) Layla, Light, Tropicana, BL, Eb E, TDR (SLurl)
Eyes: Shine (SLurl) Lustrous, Aurum, large, freebie

Poses: Di's Opera (SLurl) Happy Holidays II, gift (in pic 2)

Location: Montego Bay (SLurl)


Striking beauty

Outfit details:

Boots: Fir & Mna (SLurl) The Orann, Brown, mesh, last 50l Friday
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Veronique, Autumn, Fawn, christmas gift, see subscribo
Bag: House of Fox (SLurl) The Roman 2.0, last 50l Friday
Eyes: Shine (SLurl) Monet Iris, freebie
Bangles: Whims & Wishes (SLurl) Copper Bangles, Box of goodies, gift
Jewelery: NHA (SLurl) Necklace and earrings, Satine, 1000 Member Gift
Skin: Essences (SLurl) Quintessa, pink lips
Dress: Kiwi (SLurl) Suri, Petal, Outfit, Magenta, 60l WE

Location: Edo Japanese Castle, Keibatsu Samurai Clan (SLurl)


Happy nude deer

Thanks for all your kindness and support! Happy new year!

Glasses: VJ (Marketplace)
Happy Holiday Photo Antlers: Garded secret (Website)
Party whistle, blue Warbug (Website)