Felicity Winslets designer items as freebies at Maripose

The beautiful and talented designer Felicity Winslet agreed graciously to pose for a few pictures at her store Maripose (SLurl), where some of her amazing jewellery is now on offer as free gifts to customers. This brilliant line of jewellery is a must have, go take a look!
Remember the MM-board and lucky chair. Their selection is great, have fun shopping!

Skin deep

Xaida (SLurl) has 10l bargains and some nice freebies, I recommend taking a look! (Their bangles were seen in this post).


Pretty as a picture

Glam Affair (SLurl) is a giant of a store, with several sleek departments gathered around a square allocated for events. You can spend a very entertaining day looking at the different rooms and floors and trying to keep up with where you are in the fashion maze. For me the most interesting part of this sim was of course the bargain store selling items at the low price of 10-30l. I found so many outfits, hairstyles etc.. that I could have filled my inventory with them.

I came to know this shopaholics wet dream via the beautiful and interesting blog post by Evangeline at Free*Style. I recommend them as an interesting fashion blog, not just a bargain guide. I love their outfit pictures!


Camping for shoes

I am camping for shoes at Quore, Liberty shoes (SLurl). I like the style of these. They also have MM-boards, lucky posters and gifts. Hmm should I get the yellow ones as well..?

Gifted designs

Group gifts and special prices.
Special 60l campaign deals.
Bargain wall. 10l, 20l, 60l etc. Lovely gowns!
Gorgeous gowns and one more gift.
If people know one thing about me, it's that I love bunnies. The second most likely thing to know is that I love gowns. This store has both!

Lillou's designs (SLurl) - (Blog).

Really gorgeous fantasy clothes

Wishbox, Fantasy clothier (SLurl) - (Blog).

I am happy to have found this lovely shop. They have really amazing clothes! They also have a MM-board, a lucky chair, and a group gift worth checking out.
Lovely group gift.
A lucky chair.
Fantastic clothes.


Furniture fan

I often post about fashion. So to balance it out, here is another furniture store SLurl for you. They have a MM board and some group gifts. A modern but classic look.
Fantastic furniture (SLurl).

Wanna go neko?

Here's a store for some neko kitties. MM board, 8 lucky chairs.. lot's of stuff, a big place.
Bitchtail (SLurl)

What is a neko? A Catgirl, says Wikipedia.

Star shop Tara

Group gifts, MM boards, freebies, dollarbies and bargains all over the store. Sit down for a moment with friends. I liked how there was enough space to move even with so many people.

TARA (SLurl)

Loco for Coco

COCO Main Store (SLurl) - (Blog)

The store and it's surroundings look amazing. Products and pictures are of great quality. Their group grifts are to die for!


Party 'till you shop

Randomly expoloring again, I found this place with a club and shops.

Choonz: Blog - SLurl

MM boards by the club.
India: Fashion designs. Lovely gifties and a lucky board.
Hopeless designs: Great gift. Demo's are free and the shoes look good.

And BTW:

India has a wall space at Wowww too, and more gifts and products there. (SLurl). ( Found that too by random exploring. Funny.)

Good and pretty

Camilla's good and plenty (SLurl):

Fashion, games, pretty surroundings, bunnies! And I must give a special nod for the good music playing at the store.

Had to sit down to take a good look at the lovely building.
Bunnies! I did not mind that they had eaten a bit from the carrot I won as a "booby price".
Lovely interiors. A Slap and dash board.
Wall art and fashion items.
MM board, bargain countdown boards, gifty etc.
I love these shoes!

Friendly and fashionable

I like it when shops are a friendly place to go to. Recommending Unique Boutique (SLurl) for that and for it's products. They also have MM boards, lovely group gifts and freebies, and lucky chairs.

Another warm welcome.
Several floors full of nice outfits. Notice the gift!