Wedding (&) fantasy

From fairy forest to fairy weddings.
Great place for the 1st dance.
1st pic with the inlaws.
The church interiors are glamorous.
A church has an organ, of course.
For a wedding you need some sweet clothes (notice gifts for him and her).
Wedding jewellery store. Nice ear rings as a gift, by the door.
A lot of glamorous stores around here.
Where there is marriage, there is family.
Before kids, mommy needs pregnant clothes.
The Secret Star Lounge
Wanna look like Jacko? I don't know what that has to do with weddings, but I wanted to add it for fun.

Fairytale Dream Mall (SLurl)
Fairytale Forest Church Wedding (SLurl)
Mystic Fairytale Forest (SLurl)
Black Forest, Spirit Fens (SLurl)

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