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People tell you that Second life is huge and people use it for very different things. But you mostly end up doing pretty similar stuff you always do, the things you came for. Your friends might roleplay a lot so you hang out with them. You might enjoy shopping, so you do a lot of that, etc. But after all the shopping I have done and posted about, I decided to explore a bit.

It all started when I was at a small shop called Hume Gyaru Couture (SLurl), where I was looking around and biting the huge cupcake for some gifts. (Every girl gets hungry). After some sugar rush and a few winnings I decided to see what was outside the store. (Go to the balcony upstairs and teleport where it says: "outside").

First I walked a long way right. Saw some beautiful houses, some playgrounds, a park. Then there was the magic mushroom house and suddenly a very official looking headquarters building for Helix. Not sure what that is. I tried to look around a bit by flying, but made a mistake with landing, and ended up at the bottom of the sea. AGAIN. How many times does a person have to end up in the bottom of a large body of water, before she learns to look more carefully that she is on top of land, not just close by? Haha.

To get up I had to teleport, so I decided to start again from the shop. This time I started walking left. There was a very odd mix of buildings, way stranger even than the Mushroom house. For some reason you can find a wedding store anywhere on SL. And here there were several, their houses were beautiful. They stood out among the less attractive neighboring buildings. Just saying. For example, why is there a space station in the middle of the town? From one wedding stores upstair window you can see the entrance to a store that sells medical equipment. I am not sure why that was such a surprise to me, people really do EVERYTHING on SL. A way more peculiar sight were the items intended for Tinies among the human items in several stores.

Walking along, I saw some more odd pairings of buildings. A chinese house next to a religious building, a clubhouse built in a huge tree, a compound of some cult apparently, a circus or a fun park, I am not sure, next to a bright white hall for poets. After taking some wrong turns and walking on some rooftops I decided to check one more building. It was in three levels. In the bottom there was nothing but an empty hall. In the middle was a store next to a fountain, with some random things. But I decided that I liked this place, based on the Douglas Adams themed towel I found!

Now on the top of the building I found something really lovely. A place for relaxing. The moon was bright, the sea water glimmering and my moment of rest very peaceful indeed.

Mushroom house among some lovely garden houses.
High society.
This explorer sometimes finds herself at the bottom of a sea. They are great places for picture backgrounds, btw.
Beautiful houses!
And naturally: a space station?
Love ER? This store is for you.
A religious building next to a chinese house.
A huge treehouse and a beach house share this sunrise.
A house with a fountain must be a happy one.
One with a meditation garden on the roof is amazing.

Make sure to watch rest of the pictures in this set here.

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