Walk in the Victorian village

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I went to Clocktower mall, near the Rag Dollz emporium again, because I liked this little store: Montagne Noire (SLurl close by). They had a nice dress as a gift for joining their group.

There is a hat for 1L in the yellow lid box.

There was a teleport to their main store and while looking for it at the destination, I did some sightseeing. A lovely victorian village full of cute shops. There were a lot of empty stores ready for renting, if you are looking for one. This place is way worth waiting for the graphics loading.
(Victorian Village of Desire, Fatima's desire, SLurl).

A cute bakery and an English phone booth by the peer.
Local coffee place.
Found the store of Milliner, Dressmaker. Pretty dresses!
There was also this shop called Immeralite, and some other shops with lovely dresses.
I got the dress in the box, it was just 10L.
I found a peaceful little chapel.
It's a romantic place.
The glass windows are pretty.
The Bridge of Tranquility.
This gorgeous castle has a great view of the town.
The interiors are amazing.
I sat at the terrace for a moment. What a view.

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