Picture post: Shopping!

Nice store, lot's of stuff.
Trashcan treasures.

While Rag Dollz (SLurl) is great for winning gifts, it's also got awesome discounts. Check upstairs too. Remember Midnight madness.

Go to the set on Flickr for more images.

Patrick Swayze remembered
While shopping, there is time to brush a horse.
Upstairs at a store.
The skirt is from a dress I bought called "Gothic blood rose gown". The stone plate is for opening boxes.
Tried on new hair too.

Nice view between shops.

So I was visiting the Ragdollz Steampunk Emporium -store again. They have stylish items, a trashcan for freebies and some lucky letter winning chairs. I went there with friends earlier and won some awesome things, so now I decided to go back. I decided to go outdoors and take a look around. I recommend you do the same. There are a lot of cute stores and fun things to do. And a lot of ways to win stuff! I got myself some nice dresses, hair, two chokers.. Lovely stuff. The SLurl.

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