Leather and chains

Congratulations to Heidi of Howear for hitting the 5000 group members milestone! Her outfits are always great quality, very detailed, and uniquely her style. I love the way she uses fabrics and other materials. The clothes are easy to mix and match with Howear items and other stylish fashion brands.

Heidi has a new outfit out every weekday. The outfits are available for 25 lindens during the first day of their release.
Neighboring sim, short walk away, houses a shoe store called Duce, which has a great group too with free group gift versions of shoes sometimes shown on the 25l board at Howear.

Several colors of the outfit, shown in these pictures, are on the 25l promo board for today. Blue one is a free gift to celebrate 5000 members.

Outfit details:

Outfit: HoWear (SLurl) Biker beauty, blue.
Collar: Lolapop (Website) Triple Goddess Posture Collar, dark blue
Boots: HOC (SLurl) Noir
Earrings: Eluzion (SLurl) Xanthia
Hair: Dura (SLurl) Wood Bark, Celebration, Group Gift
Skin: Censored (SLurl) Aimi, MMP
Mouth Chain: Beauty Code (SLurl) Knuckle, Designer Circle, freebie
Eyes: Redgrave (SLurl) Air


There's only butterflies

Outfit details:

Ankle Boots: SLC (SLurl) Suede, brown, mesh, 60l we
Sweater: Secret Store (SLurl) Kimono Sweater, Bamboo
Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Corinna, Love Motion, Porcelain, group gift
Hair: D!va (SLurl) Yoko, Ruby, limited color, group lucky board
Leggings: Sleeping Koala (SLurl) Bandage, Sunshine Yellow (Thanks, Koala!)
Hair accessory: Naminoke (SLurl) at SGB (SLurl) Rose Hair Stick, freebie
Bag: GoK (SLurl) Slime Bag, Zombie Popcorn Hunt (Website)
Bracelet: Smexy (SLurl) JD, Blue, Designer circle, freebie
Eyes: Redgrave (SLurl) Air
Pose: Label Motion (SLurl) JCee Pose 2, with hud and stand (Thanks Anne!)

Texture: USC Textures (SLurl) Japanese 1, sit&win today


Desert sand

Outfit details:

Eyes: Eleanor Rigby (SLurl) Optics, Hazel
Dress: Paris Metro (SLurl) Desert Candy
Necklace: Lolapop (SLurl) Strange, Strange Dark Star
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui (SLurl) Cupcake, Patchwork, free gift
Hair: Fashionably Dead (SLurl) Mazey, Brunette 2
Skin: Mons (SLurl) Nil, V'day Special, TDRblue
Pose: Label Motion (SLurl) JCee Pose 2, with hud and stand (Thanks Anne!)

Location: The Faerie's Garden (SLurl)


Warrior style

I thought I was too busy and kept putting off changing my windlight settings for ages. Now that I finally got around to it, I see how silly I was being. Everything looks so much better. It's like a completely new virtual experience. Here is how you do it.

Outfit details:

Hair: Red Queen (SLurl) Envy, Dirty, Locks@01, 99l sale
Pants: RunoRuno (SLurl) Baggy Pants, Blackish, 75l
Bikini: RunoRuno: Ribbon Bikini, 50l
Shoes: 20.Five (SLurl) Flored, 25l
Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Chen Blackpearl, Choco, group gift
Eyes, lashes: Redgrave (SLurl) Air

Happy in green

Outfit details:

Skin: Lara Hurley (SLurl) Happy Valentine, subscribo gift
Scarf: C'est la vie at Sounds Gravis Beach (SLurl) Crochet neck warmer, mint, gift
Earrings: Silvery K. at SGB: Green diamond, gift
Dress: Pesca at SGB: Yosoiki onepiece, green, gift
Shoes: Roly-Poly at SGB: Josephine, teal green, gift
Glasses: KGS at SGB: Optino 3, gift
Hair: Dura (SLurl) Celebration, blonde, group gift

Furniture and deco:
Shelf: Ponitee at SGB: JP Rec Low shelf, gift
Lamp: Ponitee at SGB: Chikuwabu cyouchin, gift
Cloth: NP at SGB: Lunch mat, khaki, gift
Potted heart: Yoshikawa Architect at SGB: Momo No Tokei, gift
Carpet/texture: USC Textures (SLurl) Worn Leather 01


Neko or nice?

Outfit details:

Skin: Miss Roux/Essencial (SLurl) Rayna, Dark Tan, Red, 10l special (make sure to check price) (cooperation with A.Antiesse)
Bodysuit: 1 Hundred (SLurl) Dare, Xyroom (SLurl) $80L (Thanks Sira!)
Hair: Fashionably dead (SLurl) Pebbles, Red 2
Shoes: Apple May Designs (Website)  Glitter Heels, Red
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep, bright blue (30l for 4pack)

Neko tail and ears: Rag dolls (SLurl) Springs and gears neko, red, 25l

Pose: Label Motion (SLurl) JCee Pose 4, with hud and stand (Thanks Anne!)

Location: Daytime Dreams (SLurl)

Kiss me already!

Outfit details:

Hair: ChiChickie (SLurl) Lucy, Gift colors, Valentines 2012 Gift
Shoes: Apple May Designs (Website)  Glitter Heels, Red
Skin: Dark Cat (Marketplace) Dian, Dark1, promo 99l (Thanks Lulu!)
Dress and underwear: Alaskametro (Website) Milla, lace off-shoulder dress, pebble, Basix, beige, lace bra and panties (Thanks Alaska!)
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep, bright blue (30l for 4pack)

Raft: Un jardin à la française (Marketplace) Sculpted tiki beach raft, couple poses

Location: September Rainforest (SLurl)


Carry on

Outfit details:

Skin: Imbue (SLurl) Kissable, tan (100l retirement sale)
Leggings: Micha Mi (SLurl) Pia  in Gold
Hair: Point B (SLurl) (Analog Dog) Quest, Sandy, Holiday Gift
Top: Kyoot (SLurl) Laced Autumn Crop Top, Golden
Sweater: Needful Things (SLurl) Winter Melody, coffee, The Coffee Hunt
Earmuffs: Willow (SLurl) Woodland, Owl, Seasons Gatcha
Bag: U.F.O. (SLurl) Ninu sim opening gift
Shoes: Cero (SLurl) Raeka heels, 60l we
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep, bright blue (30l for 4pack)
Pose: Snowpaw (SLurl) Free pose

Location: Arkham (SLurl)


Black Angel

Outfit details:

Hair: Shag Hair (SLurl) Your Wish, Raven, Project Themeory
Shoes: Narcissus (SLurl) Classic Heels Black, Burgundy
Skin: Glam Affair (SLurl) Linn, Light, Primavera, TDR
Dress: Sakide (SLurl) Heart Keeper, Zombie Popcorn Hunt (Website)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (SLurl) Strange Light, prim eyes, Feb. Gift
Wings, pasties, collar, boob strap: Howear (SLurl) Fallen, charcoal

Pose: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) FP.Model3, free fp pose set

Location: Enchanted Unicorn (SLurl) "Live Your Dreams Here In The Land Of Faeries"


LEA gives land for art again this spring

Linden donates 20 regions for art in Second Life again, via LEA Full Region Endowment, says Bryn Oh (Website). If you are an artist, curator, musician, performer, scripter.. you can get land for a project for the period of March 15th to August 15th, if the committee approves your application. Submit before March 1st. Good luck :)


Outfit details:

Scarf: Zeery (SLurl) Woven Winter Cotton Scarf, Knotted, Mingled Mash (Thanks Zeery!)
Shoes: Sweet Antidote (SLurl) Anyalia, Grunge (AD&DW)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (SLurl) Strange Light, prim eyes, Feb. Gift
Hair: Heart Softens (Website) Zipp, Latte, group lucky board
Nails: Izzie's (SLurl) Glitter nails, w/ hud, Zombie Popcorn Hunt (Website)
Dress: Nestle my Bosom (SLurl) Grey Wolf V-neck dress, The Fashion Garret (SLurl)
Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Mely, you can't resist me, TFG

Location: Voodoo Blues (SLurl)


Second Life Aquatic

Outfit details:

Bodysuit: Nemesis (SLurl) Fighter, coffee, The fashion garret (SLurl)
Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Mely, you can't resist me, TFG
Belt: Tea Time (SLurl) Bullet, Red, Zombie Popcorn Hunt (Website)
Hair: Raw House (SLurl)Bark, fatpack, Gift
Hat: KRea (SLurl) Winter Trapper Hat, Gift
Eyes: Sweet Faces (SLurl) BrownB11, Clear Pupil 5, XLarge
Boots: YS&YS (SLurl) Big Sur, Fullpack, The Dressing Room (SLurl) (for me the boots work best if I use "add" on the invisifeet.)
Bracelet: LaGyo (SLurl) Sedrah, WLA hunt (Website)

Pose: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) FP.Model2

Location: Europa, tradingpost of dreams (SLurl) / Reefs of Aletheia (SLurl)


Stuff of Legends

Brews & Blues (SLurl) has been one of my favorite SL clubs for a while now. Excellent dj's, lovely atmosphere and a community that feels like a family keeps us regulars coming back again and again. Some even live on the sim. These pictures show a couple of the gorgeous houseboats you can rent to live in. There are two spots for dancing, the big club hall and the beach platform.

The location also houses some small businesses in lovely cottages with a route to the rest of the sim. Among those businesses is an art gallery I wanted to show you. The Blue Moo (SLurl) is a creative outlet for Margee, a rl musician, who enjoys making Photoshop art while listening to blues. Works include portraits of such musical figures as Kelvinblue Oh, a dearly missed SL Blues Legend, Eric Sardinas, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Bonamassa.

Margee takes commissions, visit her at the gallery.

Lady in red

Outfit details:

Shoes: Adam n Eve (SLurl) Marie, 10l special
Bag: Adam n Eve: Little Barrel, 10l special
Glasses: Needful Things (SLurl) Nerdy Horn-Rims, silver, for WGH
Hair: Exile (SLurl) Cyla, Moreno, The Dressing room blue (SLurl)
Skin: Atomic (SLurl) Grace, DB Buff, Be Mine, The Dressing room
Jewelery: Lolapop  (SLurl) Butterfly Cry Set, red rose, 1l
Jacket: Apple May Designs (SLurl) The Zone
Socks: KRea (SLurl) Winter, Black
Leggings: KRea: Bone, gift
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (SLurl) Thank you gift
Nails: MGS (SLurl) Prim long nails MA, black, free gift
Dress: Blah (SLurl) My Virus Love, Zombie Popcorn Hunt (Website)

Poses: Label Motion (SLurl) NYG Pose 3,5, freebie pack

Location: City of Nu Karne (SLurl) Assassin's Grid (Free to Play MMO/FPS)

Once upon a time

Remember this scene from Once upon a time in Mexico?

Outfit details:

Nails: Virtual Insanity (SLurl) Pop'n'gun female R2, Zombie Popcorn Hunt (Website)
Belt: Loulou&Co (SLurl) Heart, Zombie popcorn hunt
Guitar: Sweet Leonard (SLurl) All about Love, Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Necklace: Concrete Flowers (SLurl) Emily, Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Skin: Pepper (SLurl) Paula, Heart, Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Shirt: Sakide (SLurl) Spencer, Purple, La Venta Eventa (Image Gallery)
Leggings: MGS (SLurl) Turntable, Purple, Where is the Concert hunt (SLurl)
Earrings: MGS: Macaron Piercing, Purple-Emerald
Shoes: The Dressingroom Blue (SLurl) Christmas gift
Hair: Heart Softens  (SLurl) Natu, Wine
Eyes: Technolati (Marketplace) Hazel Blue, Natural, Promo, 1$L
Tattoo: Izzie's (SLurl) Lipstick Kiss, dark red, Valentines gift
Underpants: Edelfabrik (SLurl) Sweet seduction lingerie, black

Poses: Label Motion (SLurl) NYG Pose 1,4, freebie pack

Locations: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (SLurl) Catedral de Guadalajara

Amazing post on home deco

Wow look at this! Amazing post on home deco by .


Darker shade of paradise

Severed garden (Website) (Image Gallery) (SLurl) Here is a cool shop I found while doing the Zombie popcorn hunt 6 (Website). The views are gorgeous. Everything is very detailed and lovely.


The sun and zenith rising, Trying to take us all

Outfit details:

Skin: Jesylilo (SLurl) Moga, Tan, J3, Shiny, Zombie Popcorn hunt (Website)
Shoes: KRea (SLurl) Peep Pumps, Rainbow, Zombie Popcorn hunt
Hair: Heart Softens (SLurl) Last, Black, fatpack, Gift
Dress: Loulou&Co (SLurl) Mary, Where is The Concert Hunt (Website)
Bracelet, Necklace: Lolapop (SLurl) God Save The Queen, Mint Plaid
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep, green (30l for 4pack)
Pose: Adore&Abhor (SLurl) FP.Model1

Location: Aeon Flux Synthetic City (SLurl) Role playing sim


Voodoo Audio

Outfit details:

Hair: ChiChickie (SLurl) Audioslave, M4TS, Black Emerald Tint, gift
Shirt: Echo (SLurl) Cadence Jersey, Green
Bag: Pesca (SLurl) Chained bag gacha, Check and leather, Seasons gatcha
Scarf: Zeery (SLurl) Woven Winter, Cotton, Blue Who? (Thanks Zeerya!)
Pants: MGS (SLurl) Damage jeans, Blue (Thanks Maruco!)
Earrings: MGS: Macaron piercing, Purple-Emerald
Skin: Panda Punx (SLurl) Keri, Cleavage, Group Gift
Eyes: Ibanez (SLurl) Aqua Glow, Blue Crab, new release gift
Boots: Baby Monkey (SLurl) Ultimate Nevada (Thanks Pixie!)

Location: Voodoo Blues (SLurl)


Not Ollie

Outfit details:

Skin: Al Vulo (SLurl) Corinna, Love motion porcelain, Group gift
Pants: MGS (SLurl) Roll Up Denim,  Black, cheapie
Shoes: Iren (SLurl) Knitted Boot, red, cheapie
Earrings: Eluzion (SLurl) Zibrina, Gift
Dress: LeeZu (SLurl) Oxfored, Mesh, Mankind Tracer, WTC hunt (Website)
Beret: Duh (SLurl) Sassy, Red+Blue (Seasons gatcha)
Hair: Wildo (SLurl) 2010 Otome, br, cheapie
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep, bright blue (30l for 4pack)

Location: Iren

PS. I had no idea what to call this post. If you can guess what that was from, you rock, lol.

Silks party

Outfit details:

Hair: Tukinowaguma (SLurl) Giada, Red Brown
Eyes: Les Petits Details (SLurl) Brown Gold, Gift
Outfit, jewelery: Angelwing (SLurl) Precious Pink Silks, WTC hunt (Website)
Tattoo: Iren (SLurl) Geisha
Skin: Panda Punx (SLurl) Keri, Cleavage, Group Gift
Shoes: In Her Shoes (SLurl) Bows Bows Pink Plaid, free


Chair: Park Place Home Decor (SLurl) Color-Change Side Chair, Gift
Flower: Hanaya (SLurl) Roses & Calla Lilies (May Group Gift)
Bed: Art Dummy! (SLurl) To sleep (Seasons gatcha)
Window: Dreamscape (SLurl) Picture Window, Secret Garden