Stuff of Legends

Brews & Blues (SLurl) has been one of my favorite SL clubs for a while now. Excellent dj's, lovely atmosphere and a community that feels like a family keeps us regulars coming back again and again. Some even live on the sim. These pictures show a couple of the gorgeous houseboats you can rent to live in. There are two spots for dancing, the big club hall and the beach platform.

The location also houses some small businesses in lovely cottages with a route to the rest of the sim. Among those businesses is an art gallery I wanted to show you. The Blue Moo (SLurl) is a creative outlet for Margee, a rl musician, who enjoys making Photoshop art while listening to blues. Works include portraits of such musical figures as Kelvinblue Oh, a dearly missed SL Blues Legend, Eric Sardinas, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Bonamassa.

Margee takes commissions, visit her at the gallery.

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