Quality dances

I was looking for quality dances so my friend took me to Sine Wave (SLurl)- (Website). Today I noticed they have a free dance too! This is a fun place for trying out dances, I recommend getting a few good ones to make your clubbing experiences much better.

I was just gonna make a quick post, but I had to take a few more pictures. This place just looks so cool!

T-shirts! (Terratag website)


All kinds of tools for dancing. And you can test each dance before buying.


Free hats and lucky chairs

Tesla Shoe & Hat store (SLurl) has a wall full of free hats and lucky chairs downstairs. My friend Cy tp'd me in. Now I have to take a look at the shoes too, they look hot!

Rumours you want to listen to

Rumours (SLurl) is the club I often hear recommended and now that I am there, I can see why. The picture is a bit dark, but I wanted to show a bit of the atmosphere. Notice the hot dj and gorgeous host. Great music!


Feeling pretty hot

I have been planning to post about Riot (SLurl) for a while now, because I love the quality and look of the products. Here you can see some of the amazing outfits designed by Desiree Suplee. As you can probably tell from the pictures, the clothes work well even while dancing. I did splits and flips and they managed to look good every step of the way, literally. :)
Go take a look at the store, the sale is on right now! They also have lucky boards. Quality items rarely come at such low prices.

I was feeling pretty hot after all that dancing. :)


As you might have read from my previous posts, I am building a home in SL at the moment. So interior design and building issues have been on my mind a lot. I have always loved reading about new design ideas for homes, but right now they are even closer to my heart than usual.

If you are looking for a nice house to live or vacation in, I recommend you take a look at the new release from Awesome Blossom. The Amelie Cottage looks really cute and is full of wonderful details.

Sleek home has been one of my favorite blogs for a while now, and their post about the new store, Urbanized (SLurl), inspired me to go for a visit. Lot's of gorgeous things. Also found some nice plants.

Last but least, have you noticed the photo contest by COCO, U&R DOGS and LIKKA*HOUSE? The prizes amount to 50,000 lindens.


Some kind of an alien

So, I finished texturing my house and wanted to have some fun to celebrate that. Found a scifi costume event at Club Amaranth (SLurl). My character is some kind of an alien, not sure really. Love the look though.

The skin is a group gift from Garded secret (SLurl). Hair from SweetHairs (SLurl). Shoes from Stiletto Moody (SLurl). Clothes from different outfits at HoWear (SLurl).


Let's try this again. I know it's difficult to keep a business running on SL. I know there is a lot of smut and "everyone else is doing it", so why should this and that business do something to stop it? But to me it just feels sad that under "mature content" you can just support any idea your mind comes up with, make it look candylicious and no one is allowed to say that hey, wait, this is wrong?!

Maybe this was just a bad joke, maybe they just did not think it through or to someone's mind it's SL and anything goes here. But as a customer this thing made me sick. I was spending money at the club, and at the mall, where I ran into this sign. I felt that as a customer I had the right to comment on the content I was seeing.

I know this is a vendor product and my main complaint is to the designer, not the mall. But where does the line go? I think I have a place for complaint to anyone who displays this, not just the person who designs it.

If you read my blog at all you notice that I don't go around looking for things to complain about, just the opposite. I promote things I like, for free, and just for fun. Do I get to have a negative opinion about something clearly negative? It is a personal blog so I think I do. I am a customer, so in that way too I think I do. I am not trying to take down someones business or start drama, I am trying to make a point I think is lost in SL. It's sad. I know it is frustratingly big, the smut industry, but do we really just have to surrender to it completely? And do we need to become part of it to survive on SL or does it just look that way?

Are the smut dealers using the fact that SL is a difficult place to run a business, to their gain? Or are we just getting so blind to what is right and wrong that people think it should be just taken for granted that "these things happen", they "just are around us"?

And who are "they" really? Isn't this a collection of us? Us people, us individuals. Us customers, users, players, personalities. If you support a thing you become part of the culture it represents. That's how I see it. 

I think the politically correct -bullshit is making the world in to a fucked up place. We have the pg areas at SL and they are a joke. It's ok to go to the mature side and bunch your lover but in the next sim you aren't allowed to say a curseword?

I repeat:



I had a talk with a representative of the designer and they assured me this product is not meant to support rape. I ended up agreeing with a lot of their views but we agreed to disagree on the product. :)


The lovers, the dreamers and me

Long day of building and shopping behind me, I start the evening (my night) by joining the flower competition at Rawk the Docks (SLurl).



Fundraiser for Indonesian Tsunami and Eruption Victims on Madhupak (SLurl)

Event info
Starts: 11/14 7:00 a.m.
Lasts: 12 hours


This gorgeous vampire gown can be bought from Rag Dollz (SLurl) benefiting the Childs play charity. You need to donate at least 199l to get the dress.

Shark, or a turtle, or both

I found this great place called Aqua shop Gonbe (SLurl), through this cute post at Freebie fashionista.

I've always loved sea creatures. Had aquariums as kid and love my friends rescued turtle (in rl). I am allergic and have a really small flat, so not gonna take real pets any time soon. But SL is a great place for dreaming, so for now my pets will be on my new land, and the sea next to it.

I am thinking of getting a shark, or a turtle, or both.
They had some awesome freebies too, like salt water fishes and seaweeds.

Addicted to music

Found a club that plays a bit more alternative and hard core music than the clubs I have been to so far. Addiction (SLurl) has amazing dj's and hosts! Go check it out!

Love shoes?

Love shoes? This is the place for you!
Quality shoes from Stiletto Moody (SLurl)


Autumn chills

Feeling the autumn chills lately. And I think I need change. Been running so fast, I have left myself behind. It's hard to find yourself, when you cant even stop to think for a second. I was admiring the sunset and doing some thinking. Kind of liking the red hair look for me. Makes me feel more like myself.

Truth (SLurl) Cady Auburn hair
SF design (SLurl) cable vneck, scarf
Paradisis (SLurl) Taste of summer legwarmers
Libertine (SLurl) Disorder pants
Another level (SLurl)Ginger bread brick hair with hat
Another level Angel blue eyes 16
Garded secret (SLurl) Tan group exclusive skin
Sassy High Heels Damask, black, Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl)


For the love of....FALL

Here are some pictures from a hunt I am doing..

For the love of....FALL website.

 #1 it's Cake

#2 Croire

Awesome post about the hunt, in one of my favorite blogs, here.

(Hair: Sweet faces (SLurl), shoes Stiletto Moody (SLurl), unrelated to hunt.)


Occasionally a bit dark

I am often pretty zen, usually quite silly and occasionally a bit dark. ;)
Lately I have been annoying myself (and others) with some drama queen tendencies. I have to shake those off asap! So: more dancing! Less talking!

I was trying to get some sleep but as I had left my window open and the weather suddenly turned a lot colder (in Finland it's cold most of the time but this wind was COLD!), I woke up freezing. So it's 8 am my time and I am awake and feeling rather dark, what to do?

I go clubbing! Mmm my kind of mayhem.

Here are the pics. :) And outfit is compiled of HoWear (SLurl) outfits and a top from Sassy kitty designs (SLurl). Shoes from Stiletto Moody (SLurl). Hair from Sweet faces hair store (SLurl).

Korruption (SLurl)

Ok, so while I tried to be dark and brooding, my awesome friend Cheri, who happens to be the DJ Cheri I mentioned earlier, invited her fans to listen to her set at Ned's Australian pub (SLurl). And who can stay gloomy around hot Aussies?

My girl!

Not that gloomy anymore. :D


Dating as friends.. yes well ok as very close friends

A friend called me over to see this amazing inn at Isle of Mists. I have posted about the sim before but never saw the inn. It's called Avalon (SLurl).
It is a perfect place for some meditation, reading, talking.
It looks gorgeous! I love the reading spot at the windowsill.
Here is the entrance.
The surroundings are beautiful too.
I love that even the bedroom has books.
Just friends. :)
SL has a lot of smut but there are nice, sweet places like this too.
Relax a bit, talk, all smiles.
We wanted to go dancing for a bit too.
Amazing slow jazz tunes at Sweethearts. (SLurl)
The variation of dances is really nice.
No I don't look at all my friends like this, we are both single ;)
Sometimes it is nice to just have a lovely sweet date with someone you trust.

Gonna blame it on the moon,
Didn't want to fall in love again so soon.

I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn't want to fall in love with anyone.

Now that it's gone too far to call for a halt,
I'll blame it on the moon
'Cause it's not my fault;
I didn't think that this would happen so soon
So I'll blame it on the moon.

I was happy to be free
Didn't think I'd give myself so easily.

Guilty feelings in the night
As I wonder is it wrong to feel so right.

Now that it's gone too far to call for a halt,
I'll blame it on the moon
'Cause it's not my fault;
I didn't think that this would happen so soon
So I'll blame it on the moon.

Now that it's gone too far to call for a halt,
I'll blame it on the moon
'Cause it's not my fault;
I didn't think that this would happen so soon
So I'll blame it on the moon

So I'll blame it on the moon

(Katie Melua: Blame It On The Moon, Words and Music by Mike Batt)