Occasionally a bit dark

I am often pretty zen, usually quite silly and occasionally a bit dark. ;)
Lately I have been annoying myself (and others) with some drama queen tendencies. I have to shake those off asap! So: more dancing! Less talking!

I was trying to get some sleep but as I had left my window open and the weather suddenly turned a lot colder (in Finland it's cold most of the time but this wind was COLD!), I woke up freezing. So it's 8 am my time and I am awake and feeling rather dark, what to do?

I go clubbing! Mmm my kind of mayhem.

Here are the pics. :) And outfit is compiled of HoWear (SLurl) outfits and a top from Sassy kitty designs (SLurl). Shoes from Stiletto Moody (SLurl). Hair from Sweet faces hair store (SLurl).

Korruption (SLurl)

Ok, so while I tried to be dark and brooding, my awesome friend Cheri, who happens to be the DJ Cheri I mentioned earlier, invited her fans to listen to her set at Ned's Australian pub (SLurl). And who can stay gloomy around hot Aussies?

My girl!

Not that gloomy anymore. :D

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