Let's try this again. I know it's difficult to keep a business running on SL. I know there is a lot of smut and "everyone else is doing it", so why should this and that business do something to stop it? But to me it just feels sad that under "mature content" you can just support any idea your mind comes up with, make it look candylicious and no one is allowed to say that hey, wait, this is wrong?!

Maybe this was just a bad joke, maybe they just did not think it through or to someone's mind it's SL and anything goes here. But as a customer this thing made me sick. I was spending money at the club, and at the mall, where I ran into this sign. I felt that as a customer I had the right to comment on the content I was seeing.

I know this is a vendor product and my main complaint is to the designer, not the mall. But where does the line go? I think I have a place for complaint to anyone who displays this, not just the person who designs it.

If you read my blog at all you notice that I don't go around looking for things to complain about, just the opposite. I promote things I like, for free, and just for fun. Do I get to have a negative opinion about something clearly negative? It is a personal blog so I think I do. I am a customer, so in that way too I think I do. I am not trying to take down someones business or start drama, I am trying to make a point I think is lost in SL. It's sad. I know it is frustratingly big, the smut industry, but do we really just have to surrender to it completely? And do we need to become part of it to survive on SL or does it just look that way?

Are the smut dealers using the fact that SL is a difficult place to run a business, to their gain? Or are we just getting so blind to what is right and wrong that people think it should be just taken for granted that "these things happen", they "just are around us"?

And who are "they" really? Isn't this a collection of us? Us people, us individuals. Us customers, users, players, personalities. If you support a thing you become part of the culture it represents. That's how I see it. 

I think the politically correct -bullshit is making the world in to a fucked up place. We have the pg areas at SL and they are a joke. It's ok to go to the mature side and bunch your lover but in the next sim you aren't allowed to say a curseword?

I repeat:



I had a talk with a representative of the designer and they assured me this product is not meant to support rape. I ended up agreeing with a lot of their views but we agreed to disagree on the product. :)

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