SwayLand Winter Photo Contest 2012

 I thought you might be interested in this competition:

SwayLand Winter Photo Contest
Pic (c) Sway Dench

Who shoots the most beautiful photo on SwayLand?


Jury Award
3000L$ cash
Store cards from the SwayLand stores worth over 5000L$
Personal photo shooting by Cicciuzzo Gausman
People Choice Award
1000L$ cash
Store cards from the SwayLand stores worth over 2500L$

The Winner will be announced on Flickr, Plurk, Sway's blog and
on the SwayLand sim.

- The photo must be taken on the SwayLand Sim
- Picture has to be full permission
- Photo aspect ratio must be quadratic (1:1)
- Size must be at least 500x500
- Only one entry per person
- Photo must be sent in before FEBRUARY 3rd 2012
- Photos may be edited with photo editing software
- Photos must be PG!

Touch the contest sign at SwayLand to get the Notecard,
fill it and add your photo. Send it to Sway Dench (inworld)
Name your Photo: SwayLand WPC 'YOUR NAME'
(no display name please - your inworld username)

We will have an open voting for the People Choice Award
at the SwayLand Park on February 5th 2012

Judges for the Jury Award are:
Sway Dench
CROSS Jupiter
noni Troncon
Cicciuzzo Gausman
Ephedra Loon
Shinichi Mathy

Please share your Photo in the SwayLand Flickr group
(tag your Photo with 'SwayLand' and 'Photo Contest')
good luck :)

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