Beautiful South

Outfit details:

Necklace: Aidoru (SLurl) Venus necklace gbf, low lag hud, new release (Thanks Jara!)
Skin: ChiChickie (SLurl) Azalea, Exclusive by KRB Skins (SLurl), Gift
Earrings: Beauty Code (SLurl) Clef, Black, WTC hunt (Website)
Dress: Velvetrythms (SLurl) Kalapee Rose, lenght options, shoes, WTC hunt
Eyes: BSN (Marketplace) Deep Eyes, Blueish Green (30l for 4pack)
Hair: Wildo (SLurl) Comori, Gift

Pose: The Muse Poses (SLurl) Ece Skate 03, Winter fair gift

Location: Houmas House, Spirit Oaks (SLurl)

This plantation was build with great attention to detail, as a great tribute to the real Houmas House and plantation, in Louisiana, US. You can find the story behind the virtual location by clicking a sign for a notecard. Rooms in the house have pineapples, which contain more detailed information. And while doing a quick search online, I found this amazing video of a tour guide giving the guests an experience, in the real life house.

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