Mirror mirror on the wall

Our talented contributor Viviana Avedon, "Vivi" is back with this amazing photo story, where she shows off her great fashion sense as well as her building skills. Vivi took the photographs and did the styling and modeling as well. Enjoy!

Vivi gets ready to go out. Brushing her hair and thinking about what to wear.
Vivi walks to her magic mirror and looks deeply into it
She thinks about an outfit for the evening and watches it appear. A pink top maybe?
Maybe this coral top would be better?
I could wear blue
Or a light lemon
I think I will wear this one during the day
And tonight I will wear this sexy black
Vivi did a photo shoot of one of her favorite outfits in a Movie type stage setup and using "Magic Mirror" that she created herself.
These images were created inworld, without image manipulation programs.

Hair: Sweet Hair (SLurl) Kimberly, L, 05FB
Shape: Vivi uses her own shape ( not for sale )
Tattoo: Endless (Marketplace) Floral tattoo, freebie
Eyes: X Line Eyes (SLurl) Violet Brown
Earrings: Misha (SLurl) 3-Hoop in Radiant Gold
Skin: Dutch Touch (SLurl) Keira Cream, Dawn, CL2 EBblond FR HB
Eyebrowshape: Dutch Touch, Keira, EBBlack/Brown/Blond
Pose and animations: Vista animations (SLurl) Chica boom AO, HUD 3.9b

Outfit:  Edelfabrik (SLurl) (Website) JayBee Dos
Tops: Edelfabrik: Awesome Addiction, black, blue, coral, lemon, pink
Lingerie: Insolence (SLurl) Salome Cream Sheer Basque top, Salome Cream sheer panties

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