Looking at fishes

HopScotch (SLurl): Essentials for EAHH (SLurl)
- 100% of the proceeds of this item will go towards assisting Australians affected by the Queensland Floods. 
- 4 poses that you can adjust in height and rotation
- 21 Prims

This boat is awesome! I am so gonna spend all my spare time beach bumming in it. It has a pile of books I can read between looking at fishes and sleeping.

So my two cents is: made of awesome, benefits a charity, so go get one!

And here are the outfit details:

InSight (SLurl) Brown Green Big Eyes
Apple May Designs (SLurl) - (Website) Punky Keds
Whippet & Buck (SLurl) Lola Striped Bodysuit
Whippet & Buck, Sgt. Pepper Cropped Jacket
Sassy Kitty Designs (SLurl) Tank Jeans Black 1
skin: Red Queen (SLurl) Tan@TYPE.o1-B.o7
hair: Red Queen, Prime, Ash-Coral
FC (I'm sorry it has the wrong name as maker) Silk Scarf (Darkness)

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