Coming together

Garden City Relief of Second Life (Website) charity event (SLurl) is open until 5th of March 2011. 100% of all purchases and donations go to the cause.
"Coming together in SL to aid those in Christchurch NZ affected by the earthquake"

Here are a few pictures I took while shopping at the event.

Poses from chairs and ao (see sidebar).
Outfit details:
Skin: Mango, Mango! (SLurl) Beachand Pop! Pale. Hunt Gift, 1l
Nails: RezIpsa Loc (SLurl) Taste the Rainbow Nails
Eyes: (Evie) Pompompom (SLurl) Snowflake Queen, Lotsa Small Snowflakes
Hair: Curio (SLurl) Daisy, brown, 85l 
Dress: Slow Kitchen (SLurl) Autumn dress, 30l
Shoes: Hani (SLurl) Antique shoes, pink, gatcha
Socks: The Secret Store (SLurl) Pink wool tights 
Bracelet: North Yard Shop (SLurl), 1Prim Studded Bracelet, Black, gatcha item
Bag: Bounce (SLurl) Ethnic me

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