Win some, get some for free

Just a quick post for those looking for free items.

Gillian's blog post has some links to freebies, mm's and lucky boards. And she promised to add more. You can wear your free or less than 10l outfits to the RFL Found fashion contest held at the opening party of Red river ballroom, March 13th.
Starlight's mainstore (SLurl) has lucky chairs and now she has added a MM board upstairs, by the group gifts.

I already blogged some of these in outfit posts, but here's the scoop where to find them. Free gifts from different labels at KMADD (SLurl)

CWS Fashion district (SLurl) has a new store location and some new free gifts.

Suzu's stuff and nonsense (SLurl) has a lot of freebies upstairs, mostly clothes. But what I find most interesting in the store are the kitchen and bathroom utilities. They are reasonably priced, low prim and yet have working doors, animations etc.

Tinies have their lucky chairs and freebies too, of course. Go visit Otterwise (SLurl). While tiny LR is looking at costumes, tiny Alana wants to try the piano!
Plenty more to see at Raglan shire. Tiny Alana just won a vampire hunter belt from Funny Bunny! (SLurl) Look out vampires!

Piece of candy (SLurl) still has the Blue diamond hunt going on, one linden for each diamond with a skin inside. If you are working on a low budget and want a quality skin, go take a look. And notice the free gown in the box.

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