Desolate look

Here is a nice sim project I wanted to share with you. I found it while reading this post in SLupergirls. Met one of the sim owners when I went there to look around. I'm not really much of a reporter but got some of the scoop while talking to her. :)

The Wastelands - The North Yard (SLurl) has a group of friends designing and maintaining a sim that has a dark, desolate look to it. It offers it's visitors a challenge. Look around, see if you can find some gifts and interesting items to buy? Rugged to the point of being a perfect set for a horror movie, the sim just begs to be explored. The soundscape is an excellent mix of ambient noises and what ever is going on at the neighbor sims movie screen.

The North Yard Shop (SLurl) is pretty close to the landing area. Products on sale are hidden a bit, to work with the look of the sim, so keep an eye out for things like a sculpted Fire pile, the I-beams, and 1-prim Junk walls. The shop also has a jewellery gatcha machine. The owner, Vikki Placebo, is going to have more items on sale when she is done with the designing. She has a store at the Marketplace, if that's what you prefer.

I found a freebie box at a close by stranded house. I recommend you donate a bit to the project, there's a collection plate at the church ruin a short walk away.

The neighboring sim has the Burnt Oak drive-in (SLurl). The friendly owner also put a screen towards the Wasteland sim, so they could have a secondary viewing spot if movie night got too busy. The bootleg feel of the alternative watching spot fits the project perfectly.

Outfit details:

Skin: IC Design (SLurl) Valentina, Key to my heart hunt (SLurl)
Eyes: Poetic colors at Kusshon (SLurl) Maroccan nights, dark, freebie
RezIpsa Loc (SLurl) Taste the Rainbow Nails, dollarbie
Hair/hat: Sonic Death Monkey Clothing (SLurl) Winter hat, dark blonde, His fair free gift
Tights: Slow Kitchen (SLurl) Brown tights
Skirt: Shush (SLurl) Strapped doll outfit, old hunt item for FTLO Halloween
Shoes: Before Sleep (SLurl) old hunt item from Oh Poop Hunt
Sweater: The Secret Store (SLurl) Striped sweater, Brownie, 70lTop: Poison, North Yard T-shirt from a "Free Things from the North Yard" box
Bracelet: North Yard, 1Prim Studded Bracelet, Black, gatcha item

Nala (SLurl) Tom, cheapie binoculars (lookout pose)
Poses: Estetica (SLurl) dollarbie: Zeelah
(see ao details on sidebar)

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