Taking a break at SL9B building site

Tiny Rhinoh in a fairy costume, taking a break at SL9B building site. Taken at The Friendly Chatter Cafe at SL9B by Alana Pyara (SLurl)

 Not that there has been time for many breaks. Have been building like a busy bee for days now. Hope to see you visit, when the sims open 18th June. You will get free treats and drinks (for tinies and biggies), and free gifts. The picture is a sneak peek at what the café looks like. There is room for several groups to enjoy themselves and talk to friends or meet new people. Or you can park there while you go afk.

A lot to see at the SL9B. Our neighbors are really interesting. There is a huge light tower right next to the café that is going to be awesome. And on the other side an artistic looking pyramid. There's some really cool pop art in a big circle on a field close by. And so much more. Plus there are so many sims to see. Take a pod and have a look. :) Keep an eye out for events. Lot's of entertainers have signed up. Live music, dj's etc. And volunteer greeters giving gifts and advice. This is gonna be an awesome event!

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