SL9B finds by me part1

Here are some of my findings at SL9B.

The Virtual Museum of Architecture (VMA) Main location: (SLurl) At SL9B: (SLurl

From their notecard:
The Virtual Museum of Architecture (VMA) is a SecondLife entity that is dedicated to the education and exploration of various types of architecture.

Born from the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, the VMA has expanded its interest into other styles of architecture, such as 19th Century Plantations, Sustainable Homes following LEEDS guidelines, the Art Deco designs of commercial buildings in the 1920s and most recently, the eclectic styles of Drive-in Restaurants of the 1950s.

Here in SecondLife, the VMA has a campus where we rotate our displays and hold educational lectures and fun building contests. We'd love to have you stop by and visit.
Tahby Photography has a really nice promotional plot at SL9B (SLurl). Simple and to the point, while being pleasing to the eye. And I enjoyed the relaxing athmosphere. They have a free gift.

I have been watching the development of the build in my neighboring plot and waiting to have a chance to visit. This build must have the best view on SL9b. You walk a long slide up, and all the while sigh at the breath taking look you get over the sims. And there is a hud in the works for the top platform. I found a lift, too. Fittingly the build is called The Engine of the Gods (SLurl).

Another great piece of SL architecture, and some really good photo art at the Show me Yours gallery in SL9B (SLurl). If you are interested in participating, they have an information sign about their next themed photo competition.

More about my experiences at SL9B coming soon.

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