Come as you are!

★ Ɗل Ɗαηί  ⓡαⓦкʂ  ★
Our amazing dj is playing some awesome tunes right now! I recommend you come to see us at HypnotiQ right now!

There's 300 lindens on the contest board, theme: Come as you are!

Next to the club, there is a fashion store called Riot. I recommend their lucky chairs and camming from the dancefloor to shop there!

HypnotiQ (SLurl)
I'm on stage! Say hi! (Outfit details later!)

Edit1: Dani's group DJ Dani's Fans!! gives out these cute t-shirts!

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  1. Oh my goodness....camming from the dance floor to shop. This is brilliant!!! I'd never thought of that! Excellent tip Alana - thank you! :)