Albero can sim

Here are some stores from the Albero sim (SLurl). There is much more to see, go look!

Fabulous soul records (SLurl) has some really cool retro furniture and a lucky board.

Cheap cheap (SLurl) has really cute furniture and they are all very reasonably priced.

Lolo (SLurl) has this dangerous idea of hosting. The crocodile is a bit deadly, but I like him.

The puppy at Bliensen & Mai Tai (SLurl) is not the most cuddly looking but no worries.

Modest house (SLurl) has a freebie skybox!

Icing (SLurl) has a giftie by the door.

Figana (SLurl) has a free room devider, as I found out from this Sleek home post.

Sugarcube (SLurl) has a cute gift and their outfits are really cute.

Just a pose (SLurl) has a freebie&discount wall.

How about some gifties from Les Petits Details (SLurl)?

Go to Storin (SLurl) and pick up the dollarbie poses.

Bag lady (SLurl) has two 10l tees for us and their items are way worth a look.

Beetlebones (SLurl) has two dollarbies, cute ones too.

Dada (SLurl) the store is cute, so the gift umbrella being cute is not that surprising.

Nocc (SLurl) has a lucky board for plants.

Still life garden (SLurl) with cheap plants.

Split pea (SLurl) with a dollarbie.

Cést la vie (SLurl) has a giftie dollarbie.

Cleo Designs (SLurl) gift is an old fashioned dollhouse.

Whoa that was a long days work, but worth it.

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